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Recommended Gear for Students



A lightweight camera strap in a beautifully bright shade of orange.

R 995.00
Awaiting Stock

A high-quality, yet affordable normal focal-length prime lens well-suited to everyday photography.

R 2,195.00

Exposed will prepare every aspiring photographer for the challenges South Africa's industry may hold.

R 185.00

Offers practical advice and expert shooting tips you need to create eye-catching photos of food.

R 495.00

The Fujifilm XF 35mm f/2 R WR Lens is the perfect tool for portraiture and street photography where ..

R 7,295.00

The Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R Lens is designed for use with Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras. Large apertu..

R 15,495.00

A 110cm collapsible 1-stop diffuser with a zip-over reversible silver/gold/white/black reflector.

R 595.00

The JJC Grey Card 2-in-1 set available from Outdoorphoto...

R 265.00

The JJC Grey Card 3-in-1 Set is ideal for basic colour management on location or in the studio. Avai..

R 265.00

This kit has everything you need to improve the quality of your on-camera lighting.

R 1,995.00

The Nikon 85mm f/1.8G is a fast, fixed focal-length lens with medium telephoto capabilities and a la..

R 8,395.00 R 10,195.00

In this Photography Q&A book, Zack Arias answers more than a 100 of your frequently asked photograph..

R 425.00

The Phottix 5-in-1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector (107cm) combines with other light sources, givi..

R 870.00
Awaiting Stock

The Phottix Wired Remote Switch with 1m C6 (small) Cable is a compact remote switch with all the fun..

R 230.00

The Phottix Wired Remote has all the functions of the camera’s shutter release. Compatible with all ..

R 230.00

This beautifully illustrated guide will help you take great portraits and is a great addition to your coffee table.

R 425.00

Compact and lightweight by design, the RODE VideoMic GO delivers clear, crisp, directional audio wit..

R 1,895.00

The Storacell Slimline AA Battery Holder is ideal for the individual who wants their gear bag neat, ..

R 90.00

Studio Anywhere is a photographer’s guide to shooting in unconventional locations...

R 500.00

Wallet for 4 CF & 3 SD memory cards that fit easily in your pocket or attaches to your belt or bags,

R 360.00

USB & Bluetooth Connectivity. 10-inch screen. Only 8.8mm thin. Includes pressure-sensitive, battery-free pen.

R 5,265.00
Awaiting Stock

Sleek design, with uncompromising performance.

R 3,445.00

Compatible with TTL auto flash systems of multi-brand cameras.

R 22,295.00

An 80cm Hylow 5-in-1 reflector featuring 5 panels to modify the light on your subject.

R 37,999.00

A dry lens pen for cleaning finger marks and dust off lenses without the mess of liquids to apply.

R 190.00
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