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Wildhide Batis Dome Hide (Light Camo)

The Wildhide Batis Dome Hide (Light Camo) is a lightweight and easy to use. It is an unobtrusive way of observing, viewing and photographing birds and wildlife from a comfortable place of concealment without disturbing or changing the behaviour of the wildlife.

This portable photography hide can be moved quietly and easily from place to place without alerting wildlife, allowing you to get the best view or photograph.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Camouflage cotton twill patterns
  • +- 1.6 m tall and 1.3 m squared on the inside
  • 5-Segment fibreglass poles
  • Concealment curtain with velcro strips
  • Ripstop canvas carry bag included

*Please note that this product may take 7-14 days for delivery after placing the order.

What is the Batis Dome Hide?

The Batis Dome Hide is comfortable one-man photographic wildlife hide for getting that extra close-up, relaxed photo of your favourite bird or animal. Multiple windows at varying levels and positions make it easy to capture the moment without frightening the subject. It provides a low impact means of comfortably waiting at selected spots to photograph either a chosen target species or simply observe unobtrusively the wildlife at a particular place such as a waterhole, a place where food is put out or deep within a forest glade where certain bird or animal species are known to be frequent.

Why is it useful?

A hide is not going to get you instant recognition as a professional wildlife photographer but it is going to take you some way to improving your chances of getting better close up shots of the wildlife in your area, as well in any other area you might choose to locate your subjects. It still takes loads of patience and some technical know-how, so why not do it in the comfort of your own hide where peace and quiet reign, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment? Take a flask of coffee and get comfortable.

Being lightweight and portable, it is easy to pick up the hide from the inside and reposition the hide closer to the subject without the subject even knowing you are there. This is an ideal way of capturing close up images of a lifetime without disturbing the subject.

Various windows & their placement:

Two windows at head height, on opposite sides of the hide. These are large enough to accommodate people of different heights.

It features a prone-level window for images that require a low camera angle. This window is opposite the access door allowing the photographer to have his feet extend out through the door when lying on the ground looking through the low-level window.

A top window is a new innovation which we refer to as "the skylight". It consists of a large flap down window at the top segment, above the low-level window. This allows extra light and ventilation into the hide as well as allowing the person to get shots of birds flying overhead or perched above the hide. It also allows users to stand up and stretch their legs after long periods of sitting.

  • Two convenient netting pockets on the inside for lens covers, mobile phones and any other equipment that needs to be close at hand, are a standard feature.
  • Velcro fasteners on all windows and on the door are a standard feature.
  • The hide is lightweight and weighs in at about 3.5 kg with the poles.
  • Each hide is supplied with guy ropes to secure the hide in windy weather.
R 6,250 Awaiting Stock
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Product Variations

What's in the box

  • Wildhide Batis Dome Hide
    • 2x Complete Poles with 5 Segments Each (each set is attached by an elastic chord)
    • 1x Pole Quiver with Adjustable Shoulder Strap and 2x Boots
    • 1x Concealment Curtain with Velcro Strips
    • 2x Guy Ropes
    • 2x Guy Rope Pegs (long wire)
    • 1x Ripstop Canvas Bag
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

*Please note that this product may take 7-14 days for delivery after placing the order.

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