Spider Camera Holsters are a safe and secure system for your camera. Giving you freedom of movement with quick access to your professional photography gear. Instead of putting the strain on your neck, Spider Camera Holsters displaces the weight of your gear on your hips so that you can shoot for longer.
SpiderPro Plate & Pin

Add an extra pin to your SpiderPro plate (for dual-cam use) directly to the base of your camera, tripod or lens ring.

R 460.00
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Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit

This holster for your accessories makes it that much easier to access your gear easily and have them protected at the same time.

R 285.00
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SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

The Spider holster does not only protect your camera, but also allows you quick access to all your gear in seconds.

R 2,320.00
In Stock
SpiderPro Memory Card Organiser

Keep all your important files close with this memory card holder and organiser from SpiderPro.

R 655.00
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