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Hoodman HoodEYE Eyecup Glasses for Nikon Z8 + Z9

The Hoodman HoodEYE Eyecup Glasses For Nikon Z8 + Z9 are oversized eyecups for eyeglass wearers. The glasses model eyecup is larger and perfectly sits around the side of photographer's glasses. They are proven to fit comfortably. 

  • Seals Out Ambient Light and helps improve the photographer's outdoor performance
  • Self-Locking Mount Keeps Eyecup Secure
  • Rotating Eyecup
  • Hypoallergenic Silicon Rubber

This oversized eyecup product helps photographers link their eyes to their cameras by comfortably sealing out ambient light from entering the viewfinders. A glare-free viewfinder also greatly reduces eye fatigue. 

Nikon Z9, Z8 & Zf Mirrorless camera owners now have two sizes of oversized eyecups to improve their outdoor performance. Hoodman HoodEYE eyecups have been improving photographers’ outdoor performance by supplying oversized camera eyecups for over 15 years. We created the oversized eyecup product category to help pro photographers link their eyes to their cameras by comfortably sealing out ambient light from entering their viewfinders. We found that having a glare-free viewfinder greatly reduced eye fatigue. Soon after our original HoodEYE eyecup new product launch, many photographers who had to wear glasses reached out to us to make an even bigger eyecup to wrap around the side of their glasses. So, we began offering special eyecups for our friends who need to shoot with glasses on. You can easily upgrade your camera eyepiece in just a few seconds with either the regular or glasses HoodEYE eyecup. Your Z9, Z8 & Zf have an eyepiece release button at about 7 o’clock below and left of the eyepiece. Press the release button and rotate your eyepiece counterclockwise. Next place the HoodEYE eyecup with the notch at 11 o’clock and turn to the right until the eyecup clicks in place. We have a great video below that shows you how easily you can upgrade your Z9, Z8 & Zf Eyecup. The self-locking mount keeps your HoodEYE on your camera. Regular and Glasses HoodEYE eyecups also rotate to accommodate right or left eye preferences. So if you need to use your left eye, just rotate the eyecup to the position you need. Hoodman is always thinking of ways to improve the products that we sell to our customers. All Eyecups we make are made of hypoallergenic silicon rubber for comfort and safety. Thanks in advance for supporting our efforts to improve your performance.

Product Features

  • Two eyecup shapes to choose from: Regular or Glasses
  • Glasses model eyecup is larger to fit around the side of the glasses
  • Rotate eyecup to accommodate right or left-eyed preferences
  • Comfortable oversized eyecups reduce eye fatigue
  • Keeps ambient sunlight from entering your viewfinder
  • Easily upgrade your camera eyecup in seconds
  • Self-locking mount keeps HoodEYE on your camera
  • Hypoallergenic silicon rubber eyecup


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What's in the box

  • Hoodman HoodEYE Eyecup Glasses For Nikon Z8 + Z9
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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