Capture special moments and portraits to remember and share. Thanks to stunning image quality and speed based on technology developed for Sony's full-frame models, you can leave the hard work to the camera. The α6100 ensures you'll never miss an instant.

Brand: Sony
Product Code: SONYA6100BODY
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Real-time Tracking

Follow your subject with reliable precision

Keeping active subjects in constant, steady focus is absolutely vital to capturing every important moment, whether you're covering a sporting event or documenting everyday life. Sony's sophisticated AI-based(1) subject-tracking algorithms won't let you down, processing massive volumes of spatial data at high speed and in real-time.

Autofocus you can rely on

Wide AF area, super-fast acquisition speed and persistent tracking

The camera's wide AF coverage is based on dense arrays of 425 phase-detection points and 425 contrastCONTRASTThe difference between areas of different brightness levels in a photograph: A high-contrast image has a greater difference between light and dark areas, whereas a low-contrast image has a narrow range of tones. Contrast is used to direct a viewer’s attention to a photographer’s subject either with colour contrast (bold versus duller colours) or tonal contrast (bright versus darker tones). -detection points, for greatly increased detection accuracy. Fast performance from the latest-generation processing engine helps achieve a remarkable 0.02-second(3) AF acquisition speed, while advanced algorithms work to predict your subject's future location.

Superior image resolutionIMAGE RESOLUTIONRefers to the information a digital image holds, measured in megapixels (MP). A digital camera with greater MP is more desirable as it enables you to collect more information necessary for delivering high-quality images fit for resizing or down-sampling. Note that an image’s MP may be misleading as it only tells you how many pixels it holds and not its actual dimensions (width and height). The pixels may be concentrated in a smaller area (high pixel density and thus higher resolution), resulting in a high-quality image, or spread out over a larger area, resulting in a low-quality pixelated image. The number of pixels in an image can be calculated by multiplying the horizontal and vertical pixel dimensions - e.g. a 3000 x 2000 pixel image contains 6 megapixels (6 million pixels). and natural-looking textures

The APS-C sensor uses copper wiring for better conductivity and enhanced circuit processing to help optimize light-collection efficiency. In conjunction with the latest-generation image processing engine, this enables better image resolution and natural-looking textures.

Cleaner images in dimly lit settings

Improved noiseNOISEThe appearance of random pixels scattered over a photo, similar to the grain effect seen in film photography, which degrades photo quality almost as if it is stained. It occurs when taking photos in low-light conditions, with very slow shutter speeds on high sensitivity (ISO) settings. It is caused by amplification done by the sensor when high ISO settings are used. You can counteract digital noise by lowering the sensitivity (ISO) setting of your camera - the lower the ISO setting, the lower the noise in the image. Typically cameras with larger sensors (like full-frame cameras) will inherently produce less noise due to larger pixels on the sensor. suppression produces cleaner images in dark settings where high-sensitivity shooting is required. The native ISO ISO Exposure is controlled by three elements: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. The ISO speed determines how sensitive a camera's sensor is to incoming light. A higher ISO speed absorbs more light, resulting in a brighter exposure, however, a higher ISO also results in more digital noise in low-light conditions. Cameras with larger sensors (like full-frame cameras) typically have higher ISO speed capability and produce less digital noise at high ISO settings. Digital cameras include a control for adjusting ISO speed, some of which can be set to adjust automatically in combination with certain other exposure settings. ISO is indicated in numbers usually starting at 100 and going upward (200, 400, 800, 1600 etc.) doubling in sensitivity each time. Most cameras also indicate 3rd stop intervals (100, 125, 180, 200 etc.)sensitivity reaches a maximum ISO 32000, with expanded ISO sensitivity up to ISO 51200 for stills. Noise reduction is particularly effective in the frequently used medium-to-high sensitivity range.

High-resolution 4K movie recording

Full pixelPIXELThe shortening of 'picture element', a basic unit of programmable colour forming the dots that make up an image. Pixel size depends on a camera’s resolution, which is measured in megapixels (MP), meaning millions of pixels. The more pixels on a sensor, the smaller they have to be to fit. An image's number (or density) of pixels correlate to the amount of information and image holds. Cameras with more pixels on the sensor have a higher pixel density and thus more resolving power, able to capture smaller details with much more clarity and accuracy. Higher resolution images can be cropped more agressively and also produce better quality large prints. readout, with no pixel binning, processes approximately 2.4 times(7) as much information as is required for 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) recording(8), to produce movies with extraordinary detail, depth, and realism.

Self-framing made easy

It's easy to frame yourself for vlog recording and selfie shots thanks to the camera's LCD monitor, which tilts upward through a full 180 degrees.

Flexible low-angle shooting

The monitor tilts upward by 180° and downward by 74°, letting you more easily frame up your subject when shooting from low or high angles.

Convenient Touch Tracking and Touch Focus features

Once you have set Touch Tracking in the menu you can select your subject simply by touching the monitor. Whether you're taking stills or movies, the camera will begin auto-tracking. The Touch Focus feature is also simple to use – just touch the appropriate point on the monitor to set the focus.


(1) AI (artificial intelligence) including machine learning technology is used.

(2) Still images only. Does not work with all types of animal. Tracking and right/left eye selection are not available.

(3) Based on Sony research, CIPA-guideline-compliant internal measurement with an E 18–135-mm F3.5–5.6 OSS lens mounted, Pre-AF off and viewfinder in use.

(4) Up to 11 fps in continuous “Hi+” mode and up to 8 fps in continuous “Hi” mode. Maximum fps will depend on camera settings.

(5) With "Hi+" continuous shooting mode. Sony internal measurement.

(6) Maximum fps will depend on camera settings. Some distortion may occur with fast-moving subjects or if the camera is moved sideways rapidly while shooting.

(7) 24p recording. Approx. 1.6 times for 30p recording. (8)A Class 10 or higher SDHC/SDXC card is required for XAVC S format movie recording. A UHS-I (U3) SDHC/SDXC card is required for 100 Mbps.


Actual: 25 Megapixel
Effective: 24.2 Megapixel
Sensor Size Type
Sensor actual Size
23.5 x 15.6 mm
Sensor Type
ISO Range
Auto, 100 to 32000
(Extended: 100 to 51200)
Focus Points
Phase Detection: 425
Contrast Detection: 425
Lens Mount
Sony E
1x SD/SDHC/SDXC/Memory Stick PRO HG-Duo/Memory Stick Pro Duo
Fastest Shutter Speed
Mechanical Shutter
1/4000 sec
Bulb Mode

1/4000 sec in Movie Mode
Longest Shutter Speed
Mechanical Shutter
30 sec
Bulb Mode

1/4 sec in Movie Mode
Flash Sync Speed
1/160 sec
Recording Modes:
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 24.00p/25p/29.97p/100p/119.88p [60 to 100 Mb/s]
Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 24.00p/25p/29.97p/50p/59.94p [50 Mb/s]
Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 23.976p/50i/59.94i/59.94p [17 to 28 Mb/s]
External Recording Modes:
4:2:2 8-Bit
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 24.00p/25p/29.97p
Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 24.00p/50i/50p/59.94i/59.94p
File Formats


1020 mAh
7.4 VDC
Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

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In the Box

  • Sony Alpha a6100 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)
  • Sony NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (1020mAh)
  • Sony AC Adapter
  • Sony ALC-B1EM Body Cap for E-Mount Cameras
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Accessory Shoe Cap
  • Eyepiece Cup
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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