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SmallRig Advanced Cage Kit for Sony a7R V/a7 IV/a7S III

The SmallRig Advanced Cage Kit was designed for specific Sony mirrorless cameras - this lightweight formfitting kit grants photographers and videographers additional protection and mounting space.

Now you can easily move your camera from your tripod to your gimbal with this professional camera cage kit. It features two side locking plates (to prevent twisting), an HDMI cable clamp, a side handle, and a top handle. Have full access to your camera controls while you have additional mounting space available.

Protect and secure your camera with the aluminium cage, which features an anti-twist design and additional padding to prevent your gear from scratching. The HDMI Cable Clamp was designed in order to avoid the HDMI cable from pulling or accidentally disconnecting while you are working. You can carry your camera and capture low-angle content with the top handle, this accessory securely attaches to your camera cage with a thumbscrew. The side handle included features a non-slip silicone grip and can be used for left- or right-handed users for additional support. 

The SmallRig advanced camera cage kit is compatible with the Sony a7R V, a7 IV and a7S III mirrorless cameras.

  • Top Handle, Side Handle
  • HDMI Cable Clamp
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Threads
  • NATO Rail, Shoe Mount
  • Durable Aluminium Construction

With additional control and protection, this camera cage for mirrorless Sony cameras is ideal for professional photographers and videographers wanting to take the quality of their work to the next level.

SmallRig Advanced Cage Kit for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

SmallRig Advanced Cage Kit for Sony Alpha 7R V /Alpha 7 IV/Alpha 7S III 3669 is designed to reduce armload and increase stability during handheld shooting while offering a wide range of accessory mounts. It includes a cage, an HDMI cable clamp, a top handle, and a side handle. The top handle feels comfortable and enables easy carrying and at a low-angle shot. The side grip features a silicone insert for better grip and more stable two-handed shooting. 1/4"-20 threaded holes, ARRI 3/8" -16 locating holes, cold shoes and NATO rails support monitor mount 2294, microphones, LED lights, monitor mount 2903, NATO accessories. The HDMI cable clamp, mounted onto the left side of the cage via one 1/4"-20 screw and two locating pins, prevents deflection and fixes cables with a thumbscrew to protect interfaces and ensure stable signal transmission. In addition, holes on both sides of the cage allow for attaching hand straps. The cage comes with a built-in magnetic flat-head screwdriver & hex spanner that facilitate disassembly and assembly.

Bring Creativity into Full Play with Multiple Screw Holes

  • 1/4"-20 threaded hole
  • ARRI 3/8"-16 locating hole
  • Cold Shoe
  • NATO Rail
  • Arca Quick Release Plate

Quick Switch Between Tripods and Stabilisers

  • Enabled by Arca Quick Release Plates

All-round Protection

Rugged and durable made of aircraft aluminium alloy, built-in rubber pads prevent scratching and slipping, can be securely fastened and prevents deflection.

Perfect Fit Accessible Control Buttons

  • Reserved space for battery cable
  • Hinge arm for battery replacement

Wide Range of Usage

  • Handheld Shooting
  • Tripod Shooting
  • Stabiliser Shooting


  • Sony Alpha 7 IV 
  • Sony Alpha 7S III 
  • Sony Alpha 7R V

*Note: To use the side lock adapter of the cage, please remove the split ring on the left side of the camera first. 


SmallRig Full Camera Cage
146 x 107.6 x 64.5mm

General 2

SmallRig HDMI Cable Clamp
38 x 31 x 29.5mm

General 3

SmallRig Top Handle
SmallRig Aluminum Universal Side Handle
Top Handle: 134 x 69 x 24.5mm
Side Handle: 110 x 71 x 56mm
Top Handle: 181g
Side Handle: 220g
Top Handle: Aluminum, Steel
Side Handle: Aluminum, Silicone
This product has been discontinued.
There are no replacements or alternatives available for this item.

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