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Rotolight Continuous Lighting Kits

Rotolight Continuous Lighting Solutions are designed for professional studio and on-location shooting, providing constant, soft light output that mimics natural light thereby illuminates your subject. Cleverly compact, Rotolight continuous lights are also compact thus easy to travel with. For example, the Rotolight NEO 3 Light Kit includes a handy hard roller travel case. For more creative lighting, use the Anova Add-On Colour FX Filter Packs to adjust the colour temperate.

Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light is a lightweight and creative lighting solution combining the benefits of continuous lighting and flash.

R 6,900.00

This Rotolight AEOS on location led light can be used as a constant light and a flashlight on and off camera.

R 17,225.00

One of the most versatile on location lighting kits. It has both a continuous light and flash function.

R 28,290.00

Rotolight’s Anova Pro BI-S LED Light features advanced AccuColour technology empowering you to compe..

R 29,700.00
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