Rotolight light modifiers, diffusers and reflectors let you explore with lighting to create even more breathtaking images. Not only do we stock a wide range of Rotolight lighting equipment ideal for studio photography, but you can test them out from our Rental Department before buying, or rent simply to complete your interview kit at an important shoot.

Illuminate your subject matter with the Rotolight Aluminium Barndoors for NEO or an Anova LED Floodlight that shapes and direct light accurately, thereby eliminating spill and keeping your subject at the centre of attention. 

And when you've been bitten by the creative bug, explore with the Rotolight Creative Colour Kit V2 or the Rotolight add-on colour filters than come in a variety of colours for a variety of applications. Use these filters to accent or fill light, or even customise visual lighting effects.

Rotolight Add-On Colour FX Filter Pack for NEO

Rotolight’s 10-piece Add-On Colour FX Filter Pack for Neo dares you to explore with lighting. Enhanc..

R 530.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Aluminium Barndoors for NEO

Illuminate your subject matter with the Rotolight Aluminium Barndoors for NEO. It shapes and directs..

R 2,195.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Anova 10pc Add-On Colour FX Pack

Visual FX Veteran, Stefan Lange, recommends the Rotolight Neo Add-On Colour Filter Pack for enhancin..

R 1,545.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Anova Pro BI-S Bi-Colour LED Light

With the development of colour phosphor technology - AccuColour - rendering colour accuracy has beco..

R 33,995.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Barndoors for Anova LED Floodlight

Control the Anova LED Floodlight’s 110-degree beam output with Rotolight’s lightweight barndoors. It..

R 4,185.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Creative Colour Kit V2

The Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2 combines a Rotolight light, stand, filter kit, and belt pou..

R 2,395.00
In Stock
Rotolight Honeycomb Louver for Anova LED Lights

The Rotolight Honeycomb Louver for Anova LED Lights fits on all versions of the Anova and tunnels th..

R 2,895.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight 10" (25cm) articulating arm & clamp kit

Have versatile mounting options with this articulating arm and clamp kit from Rotolight.

R 2,380.00
In Stock
Rotolight 10” (25cm) Articulating Arm

Mount just about any camera accessories with this Rotolight articulating arm.

R 1,850.00
In Stock
Rotolight 6” (15 cm) Articulating Arm & Clamp Kit

Rotolight studio equipment offers hassle-free mounting solutions for your gear.

R 2,115.00
In Stock
Rotolight 6” (15cm) Articulating Arm

This is a versatile mounting of just about any camera accessory you can imagine.

R 1,585.00
In Stock
Rotolight D-TAP Charger for RL-BATT-95 Battery

Make sure you are able to charge your Rotolight Batteries wherever you go to shoot!

R 1,325.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Hot Shoe to 1/4” Male Adaptor

This Rotolight hot shoe male adapter makes mounting more versatile and easy!

R 280.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Super Clamp

Mount your studio lighting equipment with this strong Rotolight super clamp.

R 665.00
In Stock
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