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Magnificent videos

Spectra LED panels are excellent for videography in low light as well as some photography where constant light needs to be used.  They excel in reliability and they feature a slim and elegant design making them more convenient to use in demanding situations. The light produced is of high quality and is stable, thus colours are reproduced with fidelity and the skin tone of subjects are always natural.  Spectra LED lights are designed for very low power consumption and batteries can last up to 1.5 hours on average.  This makes it not only good for use in the studio, but also on location.

Constant Light

The circuitry and LED fixtures have been designed to produce constant, flicker-free light with high fidelity.  Spectra lights also feature a dimmer switch which allows you to steplessly adjust the brightness of the light output.  A second adjustment knob allows you to adjust the colour temperature between 3200K and 5600K which makes it perfect for use in mixed lighting conditions.

Perfectly Portable

Spectra LED Lights are lightweight, compact and handy; the perfect portable lighting system. Their exceptional versatility will make them an essential tool in the equipment of every professional. Spectra LED lights can be used not only on camera, but also in combination with many other supports in Manfrotto’s product range (stands, booms, clamps, arms etc).


The Spectra 900FT LED light has a beam angle of 50° and a luminance of 540 Lux at 1m distance.



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1x Manfrotto Spectra 900FT LED Tunnel Flood Light

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