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RODE RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio (Black)

Delivering the ultimate audio production solution that offers revolutionary features for all content creators. The RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio is more than an upgrade. It offers significantly improved sound quality, fully customisable to adapt to the creator's needs and connectivity to a wider range of devices to name a few. 

Where the RODECaster Pro brought an unmatched podcast studio to broadcasters, the RODECaster Pro II is designed to give gamers, streamers, musicians and, of course, podcasters, incredible audio and versatility. With the Revolution Preamps and APHEX processing, every detail will come to life with exceptional audio and signal procession.

If you're a streamer, this setup lets you take complete control of your on-stream audio, mic, chat, gameplay audio, sound, voice effects and music. Musicians can create their own unique sound with customisable tools that makes the transition from recording to postproduction a breeze. It also allows podcasters to focus less on setup and more on podcasting with intuitive controls and an effortless user interface. Effects such as reverb, echo, robot and pitch FX adds that touch of fun in your podcast.

  • Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution PreampsTM
  • 4x Neutrik® combo inputs
  • 4x Headphone outputs & balanced 1⁄4-inch line outputs
  • Customisable nine-channel mixer
  • 6x broadcast-quality physical faders & 3x virtual faders
  • Fully programmable SMART pads
  • Studio-quality APHEX audio processing
  • Dual USB-C interfaces
  • Advanced Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5.5-inch high-definition touchscreen

Become an expert in your audio production.

The RODECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for streamers, podcasters, musicians and content creators. Combining revolutionary features with superior sound quality, unmatched ease of use and endless customisability, it is all any creator will ever need to record incredible audio.

Content creation made easy

Combining all of the elements typically found in professional podcasting, streaming or studio setup into one powerful, easy-to-use console, the RODECaster Pro II simplifies the audio production process, allowing any creator to get set up to record high-quality content in seconds. The large (5.5-inch) high-definition, full-colour touchscreen with haptic feedback, tactile rotary encoder, bright RGB colour-coding and hands-on controls make navigating the RODECaster Pro II super simple. Pre-loaded presets and the intuitive VoxLabTM processing editor make capturing professional-quality sound effortless. Every feature, from setting up a microphone channel to programming the SMART pads, has been designed to maximise creativity, and every function can be controlled on-board via the user-friendly interface or with a computer via RODE Central for maximum convenience. Incredible audio, incredibly easy.

Exceptional sound for every creator

The RØDECaster Pro II offers an unparalleled feature set designed to make anyone sound exceptional

every time they hit record. Four studio-grade Neutrik combo inputs with our ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps deliver astonishing clarity and transparency with any microphone or instrument. Users can craft their own unique sound with a full suite of studio-quality APHEX processors, including the legendary Aural ExciterTM, Big BottomTM and CompellorTM, and powerful on-board effects, including reverb, delay, pitch shifting, robot effects and more. A high-performance quad-core audio engine delivers significantly more processing power than any other content creation console on the market and unlocks huge potential for future updates.

Revolution preamps

The RODECaster Pro II features four high-end studio preamps that have been designed from the ground up to deliver pristine audio quality with any microphone or instrument. With an ultra-low noise level of just -131.5dBV and a whopping 76dB of gain on tap, they eliminate the need for microphone boosters, lifters or external processing, even with the most demanding dynamic mics. They are highly transparent, allowing every detail of what’s plugged in to shine and providing a clean platform to shape and enhance the signal using the on-board processing and effects. Every great recording starts with a great microphone and a great preamp. The RØDECaster Pro II features four phenomenal preamps that rival boutique designs that cost thousands of dollars per channel, complete with broadcast-quality faders for precise gain adjustment, accurate digital level metering, and high- power headphone and speaker outputs for monitoring in stunning definition. Just add an RØDE mic and you’re golden.

APHEX processing

To complement these high-end preamps, the RODECaster Pro II offers studio-quality signal processing powered by one of the most revered names in pro audio: APHEX. On-board is a suite of legendary APHEX processors each painstakingly remodelled for the RODECaster Pro II to deliver authentic emulations of classic hardware units. This includes the Aural Exciter for adding sheen and sparkle, Big Bottom for adding richness and depth, and the legendary Compellor master compressor/leveller for adding that all- important final touch. There is also a de-esser, noise gate, high-pass filter and equaliser, also powered by APHEX. These can be tweaked to taste using the RODECaster Pro II’s innovative VoxLabTM processing editor, which utilises three intuitive controls to change multiple parameters on multiple processors for achieving pro results in seconds, or via the advanced editor for granular editing (either on-board or with a computer). All settings can be saved as presets and re-loaded at any time on any channel.

Endless customisation for complete creative freedom

Every podcast, every stream, every studio is different. The RODECaster Pro II is designed to adapt to any creative vision, with endless customisability allowing users to design their perfect setup no matter what kind of content they are creating.

Processing and Effects

Every APHEX processor and on-board effect is

fully adjustable using the on-board editor or with a computer using RODE Central. Users can fine-tune every processing parameter using the advanced editor or achieve pro results in seconds using VoxLabTM.

Saving ‘Shows’

All of the RODECaster Pro II’s settings, including

the mixer configuration, SMART pads and APHEX processing, can be saved on-board as a ‘Show’ and loaded at any time. Perfect for creators who are producing multiple shows, streams or different kinds of content.


The original RØDECaster Pro had sound pads. The RØDECaster Pro II has SMART pads.

As the name suggests, these can be used for so much more than just triggering music, jingles, or sound effects. Each pad can be customised to perform a variety of functions including activating voice effects, sending MIDI commands to external software and hardware for everything from changing scenes in streaming software to triggering samples in a DAW, and activating mixer actions, such as fade ins and fade outs, ducking and profanity muting. Eight banks of pads can be easily accessed via the dedicated bank switching buttons, allowing users to access a total of 64 unique actions. Complete creative control at the touch of a button.

The Mixer

The RODECaster Pro II has a highly flexible mixer featuring nine channels: six channels with broadcast-quality physical faders and three virtual channels, with the option to expand via digital hosting and hardware integrations with future updates. These are individually assignable, meaning the four analog inputs, USB and Bluetooth interfaces, and SMART pads can be allocated to any of the physical faders or virtual channels in any order. This allows users to customise their RODECaster Pro II to suit their creative requirements and workflow. There is a pan control for each channel and the analog inputs can also be linked for recording stereo microphone pairs, outboard gear or instruments.

The perfect audio control centre for any creator’s setup

The RODECaster Pro II offers unrivalled connectivity with a wide range of devices, unlocking more creative possibilities, more streamlined workflows, and easier integration with other equipment than ever before. It’s the perfect audio control centre for any creator’s setup.

The four Neutrik combo inputs allow mic, line and instrument level devices to be connected for recording everything from a single microphone for streaming to a multitracked livestream with vocals, keys and guitar. There are also four high- power headphone outputs and 1⁄4-inch balanced line outputs for connecting speakers.

Advanced Bluetooth connectivity with wide- band speech can be used for ultra-high-quality phone call integration, crystal-clear audio streaming, wireless monitoring and more. Dual USB-C interfaces allow two computers or mobile devices to be connected simultaneously, unlocking huge potential for everything from remote podcasting to organising complex streaming setups.

Users can record in stereo or multitrack to either an on-board microSDTM card, a USB storage device, or directly to a computer, with ultra-fast data transfer. The RØDECaster Pro II also features Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, which offer high-speed communication with computers and other devices for updating firmware wirelessly, software and hardware integrations, and more.

Accessories & hardware

To maximise everything it has to offer, the RODECaster Pro II is designed to pair perfectly with a range of existing RODE products and will be announced alongside a few new ones. Following the release of the RODECaster Pro II, we will also be launching a range of companion accessories, including a ball head for the VESA mount on the bottom of the unit, carry bags and coloured cables. More information to come. 


Frequency Range
Mic Inputs: 20Hz - 20kHz Monitor Outputs: 20Hz - 20kHz
Input Impedance
Microphone: 4KΩ
Instrument: 1MΩ
Equivalent Noise
-131.5dBV (A-weighted)
Maximum Output Level
Line Outputs:
+4 dBu
Headphone Output Power
250 mW
Gain Range
Preamplifier: 0 - 76dB
Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Computer Connectivity
Bit Depth
Sample Rates
OS Requirements
macOS 10.15 or later,
Windows 10 Version 1803 or later, Windows 11
microSDHC, microSDXC, USB-C removable drive (exFAT – minimum 100MB/s)
Total Audio Inputs
Total Audio Outputs


RODE RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio
305 x 270 x 60 mm
1.94 kg
Not specified by the manufacturer
Power Consumption
Power requirements:
30W USB-C PD (15V, 2A)
Power Supply
Power Adaptor
AC Power Cable
USB to USB Cable
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What's in the box

  • RODE RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio
    • Power Adaptor
    • AC Power Cable
    • USB to USB Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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