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Rental Profoto 3 Foot Octa Softbox

This Profoto RFi 3' Octa Softbox is a light-shaping tool that is perfectly designed for those picture perfect moments regarding  groups, portraiture, fashion work, or any field that requires the unique wrap-around qualities. 

  • High-quality fabrics and reinforced seams, edges, and corners guarantee a long life time
  • Color-codes and touch-fastener attachments result in hassle-free assembly and disassembly
  • Soft grid is available as an optional accessory
  • Possible to use as a reflector by removing diffusers
  • Front and Inner Diffusers
  • Diffusers are Removable
  • Optional Adapters for Most Brands

*Requires an RFi Speedring (sold separately)

R 320 per day

What's in the box

*Softbox-only light is not included

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