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Profoto Reflector Sunsilver & White 80cm

Shape sunlight or bounce flash light with the Collapsible Profoto Reflector in Sunsilver and White 80 cm. The ergonomically shaped handles make handling easy. Use the white side of the reflector provides a soft, white, fill while the sunsilver side of the reflector increases overall light output and adds warmth and contrast.

Shape Sunlight & Bounce Flash Light

The Profoto 80cm sunsilver and white Collapsible Reflector will enable you to bounce and shape sunlight and studio lights, place light where you need it while also improving the general light quality on a subject. Two ergonomically shaped handles provide comfort and better, more direct control while the strong, sturdy fabric and easily foldable frame will offer long lasting durability.


  • Sturdy yet easily foldable metal frame
  • High-quality fabrics 

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  • Profoto Reflector Sunsilver and White 80cm

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