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Profoto Honeycomb Grid 180mm 10º

Profoto Honeycomb Grid 180mm 10º Profoto Honeycomb Grid 180mm 10º

With these Grid light modifiers, you will be in complete of your light shaping and how it portrays onto your images.  The grid will control the light and thereby create dramatic finishes on your pictures.

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Recommended Accessories

Profoto Zoom Reflector Grid 180mm 10º

Grids are easy to use accessories designed to control the light spread and to bring contrast and drama to the final image. And here the word ‘control’ really is key. With a grid attached it’s easy to control and focus the light where you want it while limiting the light spillage in other areas of the image. It simply adds control to light shaping.

Light Modifier

With grids ranging from 5° to 20° light spread, the focus and concentration of light can change dramatically. That means you have several options to shape light with and to create the mood you’re looking for, whether it’s a harsher portrait light filled with a character or even a slightly more directed light for a hair shoot.


  • Used for increased control of light.
  • Used with the Zoom Reflector or Grid and Gel Holder 180 mm.
  • Compact and high quality.

Recommended For

Accent light, Dramatic main light, Rim light

Popular Application

Portrait photography in Studio and on location.

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What's in the bag?

  • 1x Profoto Honeycomb Grid 180mm 10º
  • 1-year warranty
  • Other gear and accessories not included

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