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Recommended Accessories

On or Off-Camera Flash

The B2 head is small and light enough to be put on a bracket on your camera as well as a monopod or stand.

Full TTL

The B2 offers full TTL operation with both Canon and Nikon cameras via the optional Air Remote TTL-C or TTL-N transceivers. Just point and shoot - the B2 will automatically adjust its light output to provide you with the right exposureEXPOSUREExposure is controlled by three elements: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Achieving the correct exposure is similar to collecting rain in a bucket, up to an optimum level. The rate of rainfall is out of your control (light), yet you can control these three factors: the bucket’s width (lens aperture), the duration you leave it in the rain (shutter speed), and how effective your bucket is in collecting rain (ISO). These three elements work together to control the amount of light per unit area, preventing underexposure (too dark) or overexposure (too bright), giving you a natural looking image..


The B2 is designed to help you to add a little or a lot of extra light wherever it is needed. The entire B2 kit fits in a bag no larger than your average shoulder bag.


At full power, the B2 head with its separately purchased power pack recharges in 1.35 seconds. At lower power settings, it will produce up to 20 flashes per second, catching even the most fleeting gestures.

Light Shaping

The built-in reflector renders a wide, even light spread that can be modified with any of the more than 150 optional light-shaping tools available.


  • 250Ws head
  • For use with the required B2 power pack
  • Length: 4", diameter: 3.9"
  • Weighs 0.7 kg
  • LED modelling lamp
  • Removable standmMount
  • Light enough for flash bracket use
  • Optional OCF accessories

Studio Lighting

Power Output (Max Watt Seconds)
250 Ws
Modeling Light Wattage
LED 9 W (Equivalent of 50 W Halogen)
Flash Duration
Normal Mode: 1/9300s (1 Ws) - 1/1,000s (250 Ws)
Freeze Mode: 1/15,000s (1 Ws) - 1/1,000s (250 Ws)
Recycle Time
0.03-1.35s (Quick burst up to 20 flashes/second)
Fan Cooled
User Replacable Flashtube
User Replacable Modeling Light

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What's in the box?

  • Profoto B2 Off-Camera Flash Head
  • Protective Cap
  • 1-year limited warranty

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