The PolarPro Split Dome is designed for the GoPro HERO 5/6/7 Black and allows you to take photos that show life both above and underwater.

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PolarPro FiftyFifty dome

  • Designed specifically for the GoPro HERO 5/6/7 Black
  • Includes FiftyFifty dome, floating grip, lanyard & neoprene cover
  • PolarPro custom optics for enhanced clarity
  • Easy snap-in design for quickly installing and removing
  • Floats GoPro when using with the included grip
  • Lifetime warranty

What does a GoPro Dome do?

The PolarPro FiftyFifty dome for GoPro is designed so you can capture creative split-level photos and videos. The FiftyFifty pushes water away from the camera lens so it can capture what is under and over the water line. It is compatible with the GoPro Hero7 / Hero6 / Hero5 Black camera only. The latch system allows you to quickly and securely install your GoPro Hero7 / Hero6 / Hero5 from the Dome. Designed using our same filter optics, you can be assured your footage will be crystal clear. The FiftyFifty comes with a grip that will also float your camera when using the dome. The Hero 7 / Hero6 / Hero5 Black installs right into the port, so you do not need any extra housings. Capture new and creative over/under shots with the PolarPro FiftyFifty.
Note - The FiftyFifty is not intended for diving as the HERO7 / HERO6 / HERO5 is only waterproof down to 11-meters

A few tips to use your PolarPro Split Dome for GoPro

Don’t be discouraged when your first set of photos aren't perfect. Shooting with a dome takes practice for a few reasons.
  1. A dome by nature is going to introduce more ways for light to reflect off and enter the HERO6 / HERO5 camera's lens. To reduce lens flaring and capture a clean image, always try to shoot with the sun behind you. If you are shooting into the sun, lens flaring is almost guaranteed.
  2. You will want to practice is framing with the dome. We recommend practising in a pool to get used to how your shots are going to look when you hold the dome at different angles and levels. Be sure to try out the different field of view settings and video vs. photos to get a feel for what your content is going to look like shooting in the field.
The more you practice with the FiftyFifty PolarPro GoPro dome, the better your images and video will look when you are on location.

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What's in the box?

  • FiftyFifty dome
  • Floating grip
  • Lanyard
  • Neoprene cover
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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