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Cinematic colour presets

This aurora cinematic colour presets for the Mavic Pro for your videos provides a range of easy to use colour styles for creating cinematic looks. Developed specifically for shooting in D-log, users can harness the power of more dynamic range for the highest quality playback possible. 

The Aurora HDR presets offers a creative range of Look Up Tables or "LUTs" to fit the mood and themes of any video project. Whether you're looking to streamline your post-production workflow, or simply bring more cinematic qualities to your content, Aurora will help you bring your footage to life. 

Polar Pro "LUTs"

What is an "LUT"?  A Look-Up Table (LUT) is a file with a .CUBE or .3DL extension, containing instructions to replace a colour based on its RGB value with another colour. This process is done pixelPIXELThe shortening of 'picture element', a basic unit of programmable colour forming the dots that make up an image. Pixel size depends on a camera’s resolution, which is measured in megapixels (MP), meaning millions of pixels. The more pixels on a sensor, the smaller they have to be to fit. An image's number (or density) of pixels correlate to the amount of information and image holds. Cameras with more pixels on the sensor have a higher pixel density and thus more resolving power, able to capture smaller details with much more clarity and accuracy. Higher resolution images can be cropped more agressively and also produce better quality large prints. by pixel and has very high accuracy when replacing colour values.

Included LUTs:

  • Elektra: With added colour value across the spectrum and boosted vibrancy, Elektra will make colours pop! Available in warm, neutral and cool options for creating a unique and consistent look.
  • Purity: A natural colour grade with true tones from your scene. Warm, neutral and cool options make it simple to keep a consistent look across varying lighting conditions and colours.
  • Deep: Taking the natural colours with added saturation along with pushed blacks and shadows creates a deep, rich look without loss in video quality. Warm, neutral and cool options provide lots of creative freedom.
  • Classic: A complementary colour scheme with a subtle shift to pastels delivers a timeless Hollywood look and feel.
  • Morpheus: A slightly bleached bypass look with limited colour pallet pushes the greens, providing an iconic colour style to any video.
  • Knight: An analogous colour pallet with heavy blue tones brings a deep look and evokes a new feeling to your content.

Product highlights:

  • 12 Color Preset Files for use with Adobe Premier 9.0 or later, AfterEffects CC, PhotoShopCS6 or later, Final Cut X (LUT Utility or other plugin required), or Davinci Resolve 9 or later
  • Designed specifically for the Mavic Pro D-Log colour profile (allows you to quickly colour grade D-LOG video files)
  • Filming in D-LOG allows the camera to capture more information per pixel yielding enhanced image quality
  • Micro SD card includes 12 colour presets (LUT files), Instructional Video and guide
  • Note: These are colour presets that require a video editing software capable of using LUT files

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What's in the box?

  • 1x set of Aurora Cinematic Colour Presets for Mavic Pro
  • Limited 1-year warranty

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