Made of a soft and fine fabric that will not scratch or damage any delicate surfaces, Outdoorphoto’s perfect pocket-size Microfibre Cloth will aid in removing finger marks and dust from any optical surface.
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Perfect for Cleaning Optical Equipment

The Outdoorphoto microfibre lens cleaning cloth is made of a very soft and fine fabric that will not scratch or otherwise damage any delicate surfaces. This unique property makes it perfect to use as a cleaning cloth for removing finger marks or dust from optical surfaces such as front lens elements, camera LCDs and even computer screens.

The cloth size is 195 x 290 mm and is printed with the Outdoorphoto logo and contact details, which could come in handy when you need to get in touch with us while in the outdoors.

Always keep this microfibre cloth in your camera bag so that you are ready to take care of any dirt on your equipment that could be influencing your image quality. Clean and dust free equipment will last longer and perform better.

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