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Action Camera Accessories  

Litra Tripod Handle for LitraTorch

For the LitraTorch, a 3-leg tripod stand or handle when used in the closed, folded position.

R 200.00
Awaiting Stock

LitraTorch 2.0 Photo & Video Light

The worlds most versatile adventure photo and video light.

R 1,500.00
Awaiting Stock

Lume Cube 2.0 Photo & Video LED Light

The Lume Cube 2.0 Photo & Video LED Light is suitable for use as either a video light or a still photo strobe.

R 2,390.00
Awaiting Stock

Lume Cube GoPro Kit

The Lume Cube GoPro Kit includes 2 Lume Cubes and a mounting bar for your GoPro. Taking your photogr..

R 4,695.00
Awaiting Stock

PGYTECH Diving Filters for GoPro HERO5/6

Underwater filters are designed to bring colour and contrast back into your underwater photos and videos.

R 890.00
Only 4 available in Store

Benro Action Camera Adaptor for 3XS and 3XS Lite Gimbals

The clamping plate with locking harness adjusts to the size of your action camera, keeping it secure.

R 650.00
In Stock

Formatt-Hitech GoPro HERO3+ Elite Filter Kit

Includes a 0.6 and 0.9 ND filter that reduces rolling shutter effect by lengthening the shutter speed.

R 595.00
Only 3 available in Store

GoPro Casey (Camera, Mounts + Accessories Case)

The GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case) is conveniently available both online and in st..

R 975.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Floaty (Hero Session)

Coloured orange for high visibility, the GoPro Floaty for HERO Session keeps your camera safely aflo..

R 150.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro HERO5 Session Replacement Door

The GoPro HERO5 Session Replacement Door will protect the input and output port of your Session..

R 210.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Karma Grip Extension Cable

GoPro Karma Grip Extension Cable, designed to give you more freedom of movement when using your Karma Grip.

R 1,220.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Smart Remote

A wearable, mountable and waterproof long-range Wi-Fi Smart Remote for your GoPro.

R 1,865.00
Awaiting Stock

Insta360 ONE X Lens Cap

Protect your ONE X lens from dust and scratches while travelling.

R 399.00
Awaiting Stock

Lume Cube GoPro Dual Arm Mount

Use the Lume Cube GoPro Dual Arm Mount to mount two Lume Cubes on any GoPro Camera.

R 870.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro ACC Mount Tethers & Adhesives

The GoPro ACC Mount tether straps and adhesive mounts further secure your GoPro camera in extreme conditions.

R 210.00
Only 2 available in Store

GoPro Ball Joint Buckle

Change angles and views without having to go through the trouble of un-mounting your camera, for more photographic freedom.

R 330.00
Only 4 available in Store

GoPro Bodyboard Mount

Capture excellent POV footage with the GoPro Bodyboard mount that attaches to your body or surfboard.

R 165.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Floaty Backdoor

This floaty attaches to your housing backdoor, keeping it afloat and visible should your camera become detached.

R 210.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Gooseneck

Capture those hard-to-reach shots and perspectives with the bendable GoPro Gooseneck.

R 420.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro HERO5 Session Standard Frame

The Standard Frame makes it easy to attach any HERO5 Session camera to any GoPro mount to create a w..

R 375.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Karma Grip Handle

Create shake-free, high-quality, professional footage using your HERO5 Black and GoPro Karma Grip Handle.

R 1,645.00
Awaiting Stock

GoPro Karma Mounting Ring

GoPro’s Karma Mounting ring is less of a Karma accessory and more of a necessity to create hands-free smooth footage.

R 335.00
Awaiting Stock

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