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The book, On Safari With OutdoorPhoto, features images from some of the best nature photographers, taken at prime wildlife photography destinations around the world. Experience the drama, beauty and excitement of nature through the eyes of these exceptional photographers.

This collection of images, photographed while on an ODP Safari, serves as a tribute to our wildlife heritage and to those who strive to protect and preserve the last remaining wilderness areas. Each image reflects the photographer's sensitivity to the moment, whether a lyrical rainbow glistening over pristine bush-veld or a lioness charging, furiously intent on her prey. The ongoing dramas that occur daily in our planet's wildest places are presented in these pages, revealing a world where nature still rules supreme. The images give one a glimpse into a world that beckons to our primal instincts and allows us to share repeatedly share in those places untouched by mans' encroachment and to experience again and again in the uncomplicated, unutterable beauty encountered there. 

This book follows the same format as our previous book "OutdoorPhoto Portfolio 1" but with a few small changes. The content of the book is from images taken on our ODP Safaris since its inception in 2008. We invited each and every one of the Outdoorphoto clients that have been on safari with us over the years to submit up to 10 images which were then forwarded for possible inclusion in the book.

As with our first book, there is no payment to the photographers for the use of the images. Instead, we will be donating proceeds of the book to the Great Plains Foundation who is doing fantastic work especially with the plight of our ever declining lion population. We hope to be able to make some contribution to the wonderful work and forward thinking that individuals like Dereck & Beverly Joubert are doing.

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