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Nikon MC-N10 Remote Grip

The Nikon MC-N10 Remote Grip enables you to have total control when your camera is difficult to reach on a gimbal, shoulder mount, slider or tripod. It is compatible with Nikon Z cameras such as the Z9, Z7 II and Z6 II.

It offers access to advanced video and camera features and custom functions to increase your efficiency. Some functions include: start and stop recording, shutter release, aperture control, exposure compensation, ISO control, changing focal length and AF-ON. 

  • For Z9, Z7 II, Z6 II Cameras
  • Allows Remote Camera Operation
  • Uses USB-C Wired Connection
  • Suitable for Video & Photo Applications
  • ARRI Rosette Mount
  • Powered by 2 x AA Batteries

Add comfort, stability and advanced control to your camera setup.

Advanced remote control is now within reach.

Imagine having complete control of your camera when it’s out of reach on a gimbal, shoulder mount, slider or tripod. Being able to access advanced video features, custom functions, key camera settings—the entire menu system—all in the moment, single-handed, without taking your eyes off the action or breaking posture. A world of exciting new video shots would suddenly be within reach, and you’d be free to perform with unmatched efficiency. This is the MC-N10 Remote Grip, a small accessory with huge potential.

Level up your shooting rig.

Add comfort, stability and advanced control of your camera to your favourite rig.

Shoot faster. Smoother. Smarter.

Unlock your camera’s potential.

Easily assign advanced video settings and functions to the MC-N10 Remote Grip’s programmable buttons—AF-ON, Fn1, Fn2, Video Record. Match your controls to the needs of your shot.

AF lock in motion

Keep focus on your main subject during a tracking pan.

Changing AF speeds

Vary the speed of a rack focus for dramatic effect.

Fine ISO control

React to drastic lighting changes with on-the-fly ISO adjustments.

Check footage in real time

Check focus and exposure without taking your eyes off the shot.

Change focal length

Snap to an instant close-up without changing lenses.

Seamless integration.

Familiar control layout. Impeccable feel. Seamless transition. The MC-N10 looks the part and feels it, too.

So much control.

The MC-N10 Remote Grip was created by Nikon specifically for compatible Z series cameras. More integration. More control. More capabilities.


  • Nikon Z 9
  • Nikon Z 6II
  • Nikon Z 7II
This product has been discontinued.
There are no replacements or alternatives available for this item.

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