Memory card readers allow you to transfer large files from your camera to your computer at rapid speeds. A memory card reader is a portable device that connects to your computer via its USB port.

Find the best memory card reader for your needs by considering its:

  • Versatility: This refers to the card reader’s ability to read different memory card formats. 
  • Speed: Transfer large RAW files from DSLR cameras at maximum speed. 
  • Budget: Consider extra features such the amount of memory card bays / slots.

Enabling wireless backing up of image and video files from Canon cameras and camcorders, the Connect..

R 1,995.00
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Lexar's Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader (UDMA 7) is a memory card reader equipped with ..

R 690.00
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Innovative, modular design that allows you to transfer images from up to four memory cards at once. ..

R 620.00
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Designed to meet the demands of the cinema, broadcast, and photography industries.

R 1,295.00
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Work in style with a sleek, inconspicuous, small-footprint device! Achieve blazing speeds.

R 445.00
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