The super stylish Manfrotto Street Shoulder Bag for DSLR allows for fast access, it’s compact enough to take out and about in the city, spacious enough for your camera, your favourite lens and a few small personal accessories as well as trendy for those fashion forward folk.
Brand: Manfrotto
Product Code: CSMBMS-SB-IGR
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Explore City Life with Manfrotto's Street Collection

Ideal for the hip photographer who’s out and about exploring city life not only looking to make a statement with their “out there” photos but with their incredible style too. This bag has been made with great attention to detail, taking inspiration from fashion trends. Thanks to the mixture of different fabrics and patterns inside and outside, each bag pulls off its own strong personality and appealing look.

The street shoulder bag is the perfect solution to carry and protect your DSLR or CSC camera with an attached zoom lensZOOM LENSAllows a camera to, unlike a fixed-focal length or prime lens, change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa by varying the focal length. A true zoom lens, also called a parfocal lens, is one that maintains focus when its focal length changes. Due to more moving parts, zoom lenses often produce images of slightly lesser quality than their prime lens counterparts. However due to the inherent flexibility of being able to vary the focal length, they are extremely popular for photography where composition needs to be adapted quickly - such as at weddings, for example. and an additional lens. It features an adjustable, detachable and padded shoulder strap, as well as a back carry handle, for a comfortable transportation and a frontal opening for an easy access to your photographic gear.

Camera Bags

Shoulder bag
Internal Dimensions
16 (l) x 14.5 (h) x 10.5 (w) cm
External Dimensions
19.9 (l) x 16 (h) x 12 (w) cm
Water Resistant
Removable Interchangeable Dividers

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  • Manfrotto Street Shoulder Bag
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