These video heads will keep you from being left with blurred shots after all of your hard work.

R 3,655.00

Maximise your video production capabilities with more space, better mobility and improved stability.

R 7,295.00

Lightweight and secure aluminium video tripod and head kit that supports a weight of up to 5kg.

R 7,195.00
Awaiting Stock

Featuring Manfrotto’s patented bridging technology.

R 12,395.00
Awaiting Stock

Compact aluminium tripod kit designed for travelling; ideal for mobile uses such as vlogging.

R 5,395.00
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You can expect super-smooth panning and seamless tilting motion from the Manfrotto N8 fluid head.

R 7,495.00
Awaiting Stock

Make panning enjoyable instead of a curse with these video heads giving you smooth continuous shots every time.

R 2,780.00
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