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MagMod Flash Diffusers & Light Modifiers

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Get creative with your lighting - add romantic flair or a pop of colour with MagMod flash diffusers and light modifiers for speedlites. Its magnetic design lets your set up in seconds and since they‘re stackable, add as many MagMod accessories as you wish!

MagMod MagSnoot
MMSNOOT01 MagMod MagSnoot
R 1,095

In Stock

Top Sellers - Silver
MagMod MagBounce 2
MMBOUNCE02 MagMod MagBounce 2
R 1,495

Only 4 available in Store

MagMod MagGrid 2
MMGRIDR02 MagMod MagGrid 2
R 895

In Stock

Top Sellers - Gold
MagMod MagSphere 2
MMSPHERE02 MagMod MagSphere 2
R 1,695

Awaiting Stock

MagMod MagSphere XL
MMXSPHERE01 MagMod MagSphere XL
R 1,795

In Stock

MagMod Reflector XL
MMXREFL01 MagMod Reflector XL
R 1,595

In Stock

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