Expand your MagMod versatility with this handy gel wallet.

Brand: MagMod
Product Code: MMGELWALL02
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Product information

The MagGel Wallet v2 is the perfect companion to both the MagGel and MagMod Creative Gel Set. The MagGel Wallet features heavy-duty fabric construction, with premium orange stitching. Comprising 4 folding panels, the MagGel Wallet v2 folds up to fit in your camera bag or front pocket, but expands open to reveal 3 inside pockets that perfectly fit your MagMod gel sheets. Each pocket can comfortably hold 4-5 gels, allowing you to hold approximately 15-16 different gels inside.

Product features

An included, detachable strap allows you to strap it around a belt or loop, so you can quickly access your MagGel Wallet without worry of dropping it out of your bag, or out of your pocket during busy shooting periods. Simplicity is where form meets function. The MagGel Wallet is made from high quality materials and stylistically compliments your MagMod modifiers and other camera gear. The MagGel Wallet folds up for quick storage, and folds open for easy access. Strap it to your belt or camera bag and start modifying your flash in a jiff.

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1x gel wallet

1x detachable locking strap

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