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MagMod Professional Flash Kit

The MagMod Professional Flash Kit includes MagGrip, MagSphere, MagBounce, MagGrid, MagGel and Creative Gels to enhance your photographic experience. This MagMod Flash Modifier System is ideal for professional wedding photographers who need a portable on-camera and off-camera flash modifying system.

Brand: MagMod
Product Code: MMPFKIT01
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Magmod Profesional Flash Kit - Magnetic Flash Modifier System

Softer light, every time

The Professional Flash Kit from MagMod includes everything you need to create photographs that are creatively lit: from magnetic flash modifier to creative gels to add that unexpected pop of colour. This MagMod kit can be used both on-camera or off and will help you control your Speedlight with confidence.

Features include

  • Fits Most On-Camera Flashes
  • MagGrip
  • MagSphere
  • MagBounce
  • MagGrid
  • MagGel and Creative Gels

MagMod’s Starter Flash Kit has all the basics you need to make flash photography fast, easy and awesome. Used on-camera or off, this kit will help you control or diffuse the beam of your Speedlight.

MagMod MagGrip
The revolutionary MagGrip is made from an elastic silicone rubber and stretches over the head of most on-camera flash units. It is designed to provide a quicker, easier, and stronger attachment method for Speedlight flash modifiers by eliminating the need for noisy velcro, sticky adhesives, and bulky straps through the powers of magnetism to attach our line of flash modifiers.

MagMod MagGrid - Control light spill and narrow your flash's beam 
Control light spill and narrow your flash's beam angle to 40° with the MagGrid, designed for the MagMod flash modifier system. Add a second MagGrid to get an even tighter. Add additional MagGrids for even greater control. This grid efficiently focuses the light and attaches to the MagGrip via two neodymium rare-earth magnets. Also, it is stackable with other accessories and even other MagGrids, allowing users to further narrow their beam angle.

MagSphere diffuses light beautifully
Instantly transform the harsh light of your flash into a soft, omnidirectional, bare-bulb light source.
Increases the size of your light-emitting surface by over 250% for a softer glow over a bigger area.
Lose less than one stop of light, versus 2-4x times the amount of light loss from other modifiers.

MagBounce - a softbox that attaches like a bounce card
The MagBounce increases the apparent size of your flash by over 300%! Both it’s size and efficient white silicone texture, the MagBounce actually acts more like a small softbox than it does a bounce card. It casts a wide beam of light over a large area. Dark reception caves, meet your match. The MagBounce attaches in four different mounting configurations, giving you the flexibility to shoot in both landscape and portrait orientations.

MagMod Gel Holder
Mount and swap out gels on your flash quickly and easily with this MagGel Holder for the MagMod modifier system. The silicone rubber slot holds up to 3 MagMod gels and snaps on to the MagMod system via two neodymium rare-earth magnets. Also, it is stackable with additional holders and other MagMod accessories.

Creative Gel Set
Add some flair and creativity to your lighting with this Creative Gel Set designed for use with the MagMod flash modifier system. The kit includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, purple, and magenta gels made from a rigid polycarbonate for durability and easier handling. They easily slide into the MagMod gel slot for quick attachment and removal.

Compatible Flashes

380EX, 420EX, 430EX, 430EX II, 540EZ, 550EX, 580EX, 580EX II, 600EX-RT
SB-24, SB-25, SB-26, SB-28(DX) SB-50DX, SB-80DX, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910
FL-50R, FL-600R
N560, YN560-II, YN560-III, YN568EX-II, YN565EX
TT560, NW680/TT680
VX-710, VX-760, VS-510, VS-560
SFD680C, SFD728, SFD885, SFD926, SFD970
44 AF-1, 52 AF-1, 52 AF-2, 58 AF-1, 58 AF-2
DF-286, DF-293, DF-383, DF-483, DF-583, 385HV
Mitros, Mitros+

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What’s in the box?

  • 1x MagGrip
  • 1x MagSphere
  • 1x MagBounce
  • 1x MagGrid
  • 1x MagGel
  • 1x Creative Gel Set
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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