Unleash a whole new world of fantastic colours with this set of Creative gels from MagMod, designed to unleash your inner Picasso and enrich your photographic lifestyle even more.

Brand: MagMod
Product Code: MMCRGEL01
R 535.00


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Product information

The MagMod Creative Gel Set adds an additional 8 rigid, polycarbonate color filters that are practically indestructible.  The Creative Gel Set is used with the MagGel Kit, which can fit up to 3 filters at once, allowing you seamlessly stack multiple filters to change your flashes color, density, or hue.

Colours included

Includes one of each: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Purple

Product features

Each MagGel Slot is embedded with two freakishly strong neodymium magnets that instantly, silently, and securely attach to your flash. Attaching gels just got a whole lot easier. MagMod was designed from the ground up to be completely modular. Stack multiple MagGrid’s and MagGel’s, in any order, and start to shape and control your light like never before. The MagGel is the fastest and easiest way to attach gels to your flash, period. MagMod abandoned the concept of flimsy gel strips and manufactured their own rigid gel sheets that are practically indestructible.


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1x set of creative MagMod gels

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