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Roland V-1HD 4-Channel Video Mixer

Roland's V-1HD 4x HDMI Input Switcher is a portable solution for HD video production that accommodates up to four HD inputs. The inputs each have a frame buffer/TBC so you don't need to genlock your input sources together. You can control the switcher manually by using the built-in controls, or connect it to a computer or iPad running optional software for electronic control. Select your working resolution and switch between your four input sources. Built into the switcher is a 12-channel audio mixer which can de-embed and embed audio signals from HDMI.

Create Professional Content on the Spot

The Roland V-1HD switcher makes it easy to connect and switch video cameras, smartphones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players and other HDMI video sources with a simple push of a button or slide of the T-fader.

  • Videography and webcast: The compact V-1HD is an ideal portable solution switching video and action cameras for webcasts or recording.
  • Visual Performance: The V-1HD effortlessly mixes high-resolution computer and HD camera sources and gives visual artists unique filter effects and transition performance features including Roland's legendary "TRANSFORMER" buttons.
  • Education: The V-1HD is an easy to use tool for students of all ages to broadcast or record sporting events, performances and other activities around campus.
  • Event and Meetings: The V-1HD is ideal for presentations in conference rooms or at live events allowing for switching of video from different sources such as computers and video cameras.

V-1HD System Program VER.2.0

System Program Version 2.0 is a free update for the popular V-1HD HDMI video switcher including the companion Remote Control Software version 2.0 for Windows & macOS. Version 2.0 expands Picture in Picture effects with a new 1/3 sizing option. Turn on Auto Scan for hands-free switching. Numerous user interface improvements include viewing audio level meters on the multi-viewer, panel lock and quickly reset system values by holding the WIPE button.

4 HDMI Inputs

  • The V-1HD has 4 HDMI input connectors compatible with a variety of equipment.
  • The V-1HD supports 1080p/1080i/720p video resolutions.
  • Devices outputting the same resolution can be input regardless of what type of device they are.
  • Both progressive and interlace signals can be input allowing for both 1080i and 1080p signals to be used at the same time.
  • Video signals input from a PC is accurately displayed thanks to progressive signal processing.
  • HDCP is supported for input of copy-protected content from devices such as Blu-ray disc players.

Operation - Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Large back-lit buttons for intuitive video switching even in low light conditions.
  • Red lit buttons indicate the current source being output.
  • The green-lit button is for the video that will be output on the next transition.
  • If a button is not lit, then there is no video being input to that channel.
  • Broadcast style Preview/Program switching for professional results.
  • The TRANSFORMER buttons can be used for switching the video instantly or applying effects.
  • There are 11 options for the operation of the buttons.
  • There are three buttons for applying transition effects, CUT, MIX (4 types) and WIPE (30 types).
  • Auto-scan function switches the video automatically across the four video inputs.
  • By using the T-Fader and BPM SYNC button, you can deliver visuals synced to a music performance.
  • You can save or recall up to 8 presets using the MEMORY button.
  • Use the FREEZE button to temporarily pause the incoming video.
  • Output fade function makes the output video fade to black or white.

Various Effects

  • Two-screen composition is possible
    • Picture-in-Picture: The position of the inset screen and the width and colours of the border can be changed.
    • Split: The screen can be split horizontally or vertically.
    • Chroma Key/Luminance Key: Keying colours of blue, green, black and white are supported.
  • Use knob A and knob B to apply effects to A bus and B bus respectively. Many of the visual performance functions made popular by the V-4EX and V-8 are included. (9 types of filter effects including silhouette, colourpass, negative and findedge are possible)

Full Audio Mixer Included

  • Included is a 12ch digital audio mixer.
  • In addition to 4 stereo audio inputs from the HDMI ports, the Roland V-1HD video mixer also supports a stereo line-level input and a mic level input.
  • Every channel is equipped with a delay function to synchronize the video and the audio.*The maximum delay time is 500ms.
  • Audio follow function enables the audio to transit along with the video.
  • Reverb function and mastering function used for adjusting sound quality and volume are also supported.
  • With audio output jacks, you can send the audio mix to a PA system or record it on an external device.

Easy to Operate with Hardware Controls

  • Basic operations can be done by operating the buttons and the T-Fader on the unit.
  • To make detailed settings you just need to connect a monitor to the preview connector.

2 HDMI Outputs

  • Four-way multi-view preview screen shows every input source (non-drop frame).
  • A red border shows the video currently being output and a green one indicates the video to be output next.
  • There are three types of view modes available for the preview output which are Multi-view, Output (as a program output) and Preview.
  • The on-screen display can be turned on or off.


  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • 2 HDMI outputs
  • Supports up to Full HD 1080p
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Full 12 Channel Audio Mixer Included
  • Easy to Operate with Hardware Controls
  • Picture-in-picture and split functions
  • Two EFFECTS knobs deliver genuine visual performance
  • Remote Control via USB or MIDI Connection
  • Software Control using V-1HD RCS Application for Mac, PC & iPad


Video/Color Processing
8-bit 4:2:2 (YPbPr)
Audio Processing
24-bit at 48 kHz
Video Input Connectors
3 x SDI, BNC
2 x HDMI Type-A
Audio Input Connectors
Analog: RCA phono
Mic: Stereo mini jack
Audio Output Connectors
Analog: RCA phono
Headphones: Stereo mini jack
Input Impedance
Audio: 15 kOhms
Mic: 10 kOhms
Output Impedance
Audio: 1 kOhms
Phones: 10 Ohms
Power Connector
AC adapter
Power Consumption
25 W
Operating Temperature
0 to 40°C
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Product Variations

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What's in the box

  • Roland V-1HD Portable 4 x HDMI Input Switcher
  • AC Adapter/Power Cord
  • Cord Hook
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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