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Litra Torches & Accessories

The LitraTorch provides excellent, bright LED light and a wide range of photo and video accessories and mounting options for various setups.

LitraStudio RGBWW Photo & Video LED Light

Features CCT, HSI, RGBWW, Gel, Effects & Flash modes for photo & video applications.

R 12,995.00
Awaiting Stock

LitraStudio Light Modification Kit

Provides several options for shaping and softening your LitraStudio light's output.

R 2,795.00
Awaiting Stock

Rosco and Colour Filter Set for LitraTorch

Add colour to your scene with this Rosco & colour filter set for the LitraTorch adventure flashlight.

R 740.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Barndoors for LitraPro

Direct light output and controlled spill.

R 995.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Colour Filter Set for LitraPro

Filter set includes three filter frames that mount onto the Litra Pro on-camera LED light.

R 795.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Double Mount for Torch Light and GoPro Cameras

For mounting a single LITRA TorchLight and GoPro or other action sports camera.

R 320.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Handle for LitraTorch

A rugged aluminium core handle with a rubber grip for use with the LitraTorch LED Torch.

R 220.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Head Mount for LitraTorch

A professional adventure lighting head mount for the LitraTorch portable flashlight.

R 420.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Honeycomb Grid for LitraPro

Get a directional light output with Litra Pro Troch and the Honeycomb set.

R 570.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Softbox for LitraPro

A silver interior creates soft and evenly reflected light for the best results in the end.

R 695.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Triple Mount for 2 Torch Lights & GoPro Camera

Use the Triple Mount to mount the LitraTorch to any tripod, GoPro or other universal 1/4”-20 mount system.

R 420.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Tripod Handle for LitraTorch

For the LitraTorch, a 3-leg tripod stand or handle when used in the closed, folded position.

R 320.00
Awaiting Stock

LitraStudio Flash Sync Cable

Use to convert your LitraStudio light into a 6000-lumen flash.

R 350.00
Awaiting Stock

LitraTorch 2.0 Photo & Video Light

The worlds most versatile adventure photo and video light.

R 1,795.00
Awaiting Stock

Litra Cold Shoe Ball Mount for LitraTorch or LitraPro

LITRA accessory to mount LitraTorch to a universal hot/cold shoe mount on camera, video or tripod.

R 420.00
Awaiting Stock
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