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The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28mm f/1.8 G, a fast wideangle lens for full frame SLRs such as the D800.

Stunning image quality and clarity is guaranteed by the Nano Crystal Coat, which ensures reduced ghosting and interior flair. Fast maximum apertureAPERTUREAperture, shutter speed and ISO form what is known as the exposure triangle in photography. Aperture refers to an opening inside the lens, similar to the iris of your eye, that changes in diameter to control the amount of light that enters a camera. Aperture is expressed in f-stops: the lower the number, the larger the aperture, e.g. f/1.4 is larger than f/8. A larger (or wider) aperture allows more light to pass through the lens to the sensor (film) as a picture is taken, particularly useful in low-light conditions. A larger aperture also produces a shallower depth-of-field, and thus more background blur. that this lens offers is ideal for shooting stills or recording HD video in low-light situations.

The silent wave motor enables fast, accurate, and quiet autofocus.

This lens will focus to an impressively close 0.25m.


Focal Length
Maximum Aperture
Minimum Aperture
Barrel Type
Metal mount
Camera Mount
Nikon F (FX)
Full Time Manual Focus
Minimum Focus Distance
Internal Focus
Image Stabilization
Filter Thread

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