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LensCoat for Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary (Realtree)

Extra protection and stylish perks comes with these lens coats. Your gear will be kept safe and scratch free for longer and for the safari or wildlife enthusiast these coats offer excellent camouflage.

Product information

A LensCoat covers the lens of your camera offering your costly equipment some needed protection from bumps and scrapes while also preserving its value for possible resale.


The LensCoat cover is made from neoprene, acting as a thermal barrier thus making it more comfortable to handle in both hot and cold weather.Besides offering protection against harm it also helps camouflage your lens by breaking down its shape.


LensCoats covers feature clear plastic windows over the auto focus controls and distance scale for your benefit.


Due to the manner in which the lens barrel extends/retracts leaving it exposed, the LensCoat comes with an optional piece of neoprene that can easily be put on or removed with the Velcro attachment to cover the lens when zoomed out.
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What's in the box

  • Durable lens coat
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Reviewed by 2 customers

Happy with the product

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A really nice product although I agree with the previous reviewer, the lock function is difficult to find under the coat. However, the product has a really nice feel and look to it. Some minor changes I would have liked is to have the seam line up directly under the lens, not slightly off centre as it does and the hole for the C/S marking for contemporary/sports lens doesn't line up or even seem necessary. But those are really minor for a product that will protect and camouflage the lens very nicely.

A Worthwhile Investment

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Great product. Not 5 star for 2 reasons:

1. The zoom lock function is difficult to operate with the LensCoat on. The other controls are also tricky, but the gap in the LensCoat for the zoom lock switch could have had a bit more thought put into it.
2. The lens hood section is quite loose and has a nasty habit of distorting its shape or rolling up around the hood when you insert or remove the lens from a bag. I use a LowePro Flipside 400 backpack and even though the lens sits horizontally the hood section still curls up, I can think this would be a major probem for anyone using a bag that requires the lens to be inserted/removed vertically.

Aside from those 2 drawbacks, the LensCoat is fantastic. Gives a really good feel to the lens, adds quite a bit of grip to it, allowing you more flexibility in shooting grip, a handy bonus to anyone using these monster lenses. There is some noticeable creeping of the LensCoat sections, but a quick readjustment every few days is all it takes.

What I like most about the LensCoat is the freedom to stick the lens onto any surface for a steady shot, the added traction allows you to stabilize the lens against tree branches, rocks and so on, without worrying about causing cosmetic damage to the lens, or having the lens slip around. The world is your tripod.


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