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The JJC Grey Card 3-in-1 Set is perfect for basic colour management on location or in the studio.  Managing the colour and white balance while shooting portrait work or events and weddings, is crucial in saving time in post processing.  This 3-in-1 set contains an 18% reflective grey card and white and black point reference cards.  This would allow you to set your white balance appropriately as well as your levels and contrastCONTRASTThe difference between areas of different brightness levels in a photograph: A high-contrast image has a greater difference between light and dark areas, whereas a low-contrast image has a narrow range of tones. Contrast is used to direct a viewer’s attention to a photographer’s subject either with colour contrast (bold versus duller colours) or tonal contrast (bright versus darker tones). range (based on the white and black cards).  The set is credit card size and fits in your pocket perfectly so you can take it with you and have it handy on every shoot. They are bound together on a keyring and attached to a lanyard so you can loop it around your belt or camera strap.

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