Elevate your production value with the Crane 2 gimbal for DSLR cameras.

R 14,610.00
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Take your videography to the next level with 360° roll shots.

R 12,495.00 R 15,240.00

Smartphone handheld gimbal stabiliser for mobile filmmakers.

R 1,495.00 R 2,530.00

A compact and versatile gimbal compatible with multiple-devices.

R 3,495.00 R 4,770.00

A replacement mini tripod that attaches to the bottom of the Crane 3 Lab gimbal.

R 745.00

These two motors allow you to control both focus and zoom with zero latency.

R 1,995.00 R 2,395.00

Secures on the side of the gimbal & is adjustable to hold phones up to 6.3-inch wide in landscape.

R 760.00

A quick release adapter for attaching mini tripods & monopods to the Crane 3 Lab or Weebill Lab.

R 320.00

Keep spare batteries for your Crane 3 stabiliser.

R 330.00
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