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Modify your natural light source.

R 3,295.00

A smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click.

R 9,995.00
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Use light to turn your images from amateur to pro with help from the Profoto Honeycomb Grid 180mm 10º.

R 2,760.00

The Profoto Zoom Reflector Grid 180mm 20º will give your images a dramatic and beautiful finish.

R 2,470.00

This Profoto Grid 180mm 5º will give you complete control over the shape of light you wish to give to your images.

R 3,545.00

This Profoto WideZoom Reflector Grid 280mm 10º brings contrast and drama to your final image.

R 5,085.00

This Profoto Softbox RFi 4’ Octa (120cm) will give you some of the most amazing light shaping control.

R 7,895.00

Dirty feet messing up your beautifully laid out backdrop? Simply cut off the dirty part and continue.

R 1,095.00

Master studio photography with this white backdrop paper from Savage.

R 1,995.00
Only 1 available in Store

Perfect for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portrait photographs.

R 2,195.00

Using paper means you need not worry about dirty marks.

R 2,195.00

The paper is acid-free and 100% recyclable.

R 2,195.00

For Creating Smooth, even Backgrounds in studio setups.

R 2,195.00

"Light up" your studio photography with this 95cm Octagon Softbox with Honeycomb Grid from Godox.

R 1,595.00

This Profoto Honeycomb Grid for Beauty Dish controls light spread to bring contrast to final images.

R 6,670.00

The diffuser softens the quality of light produced by the reflector.

R 950.00

Attaches to Camera Hot Shoe.

R 245.00

This Diffuser for the Softlight Reflector will create a softer and more even light for your images.

R 1,075.00

Designed to reduce light spread, creating soft-edged circles for your Profoto B10, B10 Plus and B1X.

R 2,250.00

Colour-coded softbox pole sockets for quick assembly.

R 3,295.00
Only 1 available in Store

The high-quality RFi Speedrings are used for mounting RFi Softboxes.

R 3,295.00

This Profoto TeleZoom Reflector has a deeper shape that allows more direct and even light.

R 16,395.00

For Production & Post-Production. Perfectly sized for Studio and Location Work.

R 2,770.00

This grid together with the snoot narrows the light spread.

R 800.00

Grids deliver a sharply defined concentrated light source of exceptional quality.

R 1,995.00
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