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B10 - Profoto’s smallest and lightest off-camera flash ever.

R 32,595.00

Combine ambient with a flash light to express your creatives self and deliver client images that stand out.

R 76,995.00

Combine ambient with a flash light to express your creatives self and deliver client images that stand out.

R 38,495.00

Ideal for experimenting with creative light and shooting portraiture on-location.

R 18,195.00

A powerful core on-location lighting kit for photographers working in the studio or on the road.

R 48,295.00

Offers image makers a capable 3-point light solution that can be used in the studio or on the road.

R 20,495.00

Deep umbrellas offer the best of two worlds. It is lightweight, easy to carry around and setup time is fast.

R 2,815.00
Off-site Warehouse

Portalite is a professional and low price alternative.

R 3,750.00

Small size softbox designed for portraits and product photography.

R 2,815.00

Ideal for head and shoulder portraits, products or for use in small spaces.

R 3,495.00

The narrow shaped Rotalux Deep Octa reduces the spread of light and offers sharper shadows.

R 5,595.00

The Rotalux Deep Octabox is a favourite light shaper of many portraits and fashion photographers.

R 4,295.00

Use this for extreme light control on small areas of your subject.

R 1,350.00

These sets are perfect for close-ups in beauty and portrait work.

R 7,085.00
Off-site Warehouse

The grid narrows the beam angle of the reflectors.

R 2,690.00

The grid controls spill light and narrows the beam of the light source for creative control.

R 3,495.00
Off-site Warehouse

This speed ring is not compatible with the Quadra softbox.

R 680.00

"Light up" your studio photography with this 95cm Octagon Softbox with Honeycomb Grid from Godox.

R 1,875.00

The Godox X1T-S Transmitters are both TTL and HSS enabled 2.4GHz radio trigger system for Sony cameras.

R 1,030.00
Off-site Warehouse

Works perfectly for fill light, macro photography and product photography.

R 5,595.00

This is the kit to start with. The D-Lite RX One is a simple, easy-to-use studio lighting system.

R 12,095.00

The diffuser softens the quality of light produced by the reflector.

R 950.00
Off-site Warehouse

Helps prevent lens flare when the softbox is aimed towards your camera.

R 1,485.00
Off-site Warehouse

Get more light control in just minutes.

R 785.00

This Elinchrom Litemotiv bracket is the perfect match for Broncolor Pulso.

R 6,425.00
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