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The Phottix 5-in-1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector (107cm) combines with other light sources, givi..

R 870.00

Acting as your personal assistant, this circular reflector holder includes a reflector arm and universal swivel.

R 970.00

Expand your wireless flash arsenal by adding this flash trigger receiver to Canon E-TTL/E-TTL II speedlites.

R 2,670.00
Only 1 available in Store

Control and trigger Canon radio-enabled flashes, and non-radio flashes mounted on Laso Receivers.

R 3,970.00
Off-site Warehouse

Adjustable brightness and colour temperature LED light for digital cameras and smartphones.

R 2,870.00
Off-site Warehouse

Folds down to a fraction of its open size making it easier transport and store.

R 1,695.00

Opens like an umbrella with a centralised metal joint.

R 2,995.00

Lower exposure and soften your light with this umbrella-like flash diffuser light softbox from Phottix.

R 3,250.00
Off-site Warehouse

Opens like an umbrella with a centralised metal joint.

R 3,095.00

A parabolic softbox with a reflective silver interior.

R 2,470.00

The Phottix Nuada S 'Softlight' VLED light panel is perfect for event photographers and videographers.

R 1,890.00
Only 2 available in Store

It easily disassembles and fits in a handy travel bag. Take your studio backdrops with you on location.

R 2,970.00

Constructed from a new material - SL-Tech – the Solas series are both light-weight and strong.

R 2,140.00

Create a large, soft, and diffuse output from your favourite lighting kit with this Phottix Solas strip softbox.

R 2,960.00
Only 1 available in Store
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