LitraTorch 2.0 Photo & Video Light

The worlds most versatile adventure photo and video light.

R 1,810.00
In Stock
LitraTorch LED Photo & Video Light

A pro pocket-sized LED photo & video light/torch for adventure photographers (weighs 90 g).

R 1,495.00
In Stock
Nitecore TM16GT Tiny Monster Lumen Flashlight + 4x 3200mAh Batteries + Charger

A versatile flashlight suited to everything from casual use to search operations.

R 6,755.00
Awaiting Stock
Fenix UC30 USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Upgrade your inventory of outdoor gear with a 1000-lumen flashlight.

R 995.00
In Stock
Lume Cube Air Photo & Video LED Light

The smallest, lightest, most compact professional lighting solution on the market.

R 1,395.00
In Stock
Lume Cube Portable Lighting Kit Plus+

The Lume Cube LED Light Kit for professionals contains hand-picked mounts and modifiers for creatives.

R 3,665.00
In Stock
LitraPro Bi-Colour On-Camera LED Light

LitraPro™ is the world’s first full-spectrum compact light.

R 4,595.00
In Stock
Nitecore MH27UV Rechargeable Multi-Spectrum Flashlight with + 3400mAh battery + USB

As powerful as larger searchlights yet fits comfortably in your hand.

R 1,995.00
Awaiting Stock
Nitecore P10GT LED Flashlight Combo

Full-featured general purpose flashlight built with military & law-enforcement use in mind.

R 1,465.00
In Stock
Nitecore SRT9 SmartRing Multi-Colour LED Tactical Flashlight

An intense high-quality multi-colour flashlight for general outdoor use.

R 3,195.00
Awaiting Stock
Nitecore UNK1 Dual-Slot USB Travel Charger for Nikon

Charge your Nikon camera batteries from your car using a USB adapter, a power bank or solar panel.

R 395.00
In Stock
NiteCore NL1835 3500mAh High Capacity 18650 Rechargeable Battery

NITECORE NL1835 3500mAH rechargeable batteries are designed to power devices.

R 305.00
Awaiting Stock
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