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Rotolight 10" (25cm) articulating arm & clamp kit

Have versatile mounting options with this articulating arm and clamp kit from Rotolight.

R 2,380.00
In Stock
Rotolight 10” (25cm) Articulating Arm

Mount just about any camera accessories with this Rotolight articulating arm.

R 1,850.00
In Stock
Rotolight 6” (15 cm) Articulating Arm & Clamp Kit

Rotolight studio equipment offers hassle-free mounting solutions for your gear.

R 2,115.00
In Stock
Rotolight 6” (15cm) Articulating Arm

This is a versatile mounting of just about any camera accessory you can imagine.

R 1,585.00
In Stock
Rotolight Super Clamp

Mount your studio lighting equipment with this strong Rotolight super clamp.

R 665.00
In Stock
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