Folding down to about the size of a phone, this gimbal can easily fit in most bags and jacket pockets.

R 1,595.00 R 1,795.00

The legs are made from aluminium alloy for minimizing weight without sacrificing strength.

R 3,895.00

Create accurate panoramic images with the 360 degrees calibrated scale on the Quick Indexing Benro D..

R 2,295.00

Ideal for indoor or outdoor photo shoots.

R 6,895.00
Awaiting Stock

An overall directive microphone for your gimbal or smartphone.

R 245.00
Awaiting Stock

Features a slim profile shoulder allowing for the tripod legs to be more compact when folded.

R 1,630.00 R 2,295.00

The kit features a slim profile shoulder allowing for the tripod legs to be more compact.

R 2,270.00 R 3,195.00

Create smooth motion control with the Benro Triple Action Ball Head.

R 2,995.00

Not all tripods are created equal. Benro tripods are well built & provide excellent value for money.

R 2,650.00
Awaiting Stock

This lightweight video tripod kit is ideal for camera payloads up to 4kg.

R 12,595.00
Awaiting Stock

A 4-section tripod offering the compactness of a travel tripod with a versatile centre column.

R 3,195.00

Have full control over your gear and the freedom off movement by placing your equipment onto the strong iFoto tripod.

R 3,295.00
Awaiting Stock

A 4-section tripod, which folds down to 62.4 cm with reverse-folding legs.

R 5,795.00

Sleek design, with uncompromising performance.

R 2,895.00

Fast & Easy Flip Lever Lock Design.

R 990.00 R 1,395.00

A sturdy and lightweight choice.

R 2,695.00

Benro MoveOver Video Systems help you produce smooth and stable videos no matter how complicated the operation is.

R 7,795.00 R 10,995.00

This jib arm can hold cameras weighing up to 4 kg and extend them from 48.4" up to a max height of 72.8".

R 6,095.00 R 8,595.00

Lightweight support for the professional photographer who requires added stability when shooting in crowded places.

R 1,395.00
Awaiting Stock

Effectively reduces reflected light intensity and increases transmitted light.

R 635.00 R 895.00

Can be used as a tabletop tripod as well as a handgrip for smartphones, GoPro or DSLR cameras.

R 280.00 R 395.00

The S4 PRO is a versatile video head with additional counterbalance.

R 2,850.00

Versatility, precision and portability makes the Benro S6 Pro Video Head unmatched.

R 4,795.00

Insurance that your images will not be damaged by unwanted rays of light.

R 570.00
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