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Rode has introduced its new Videomic Pro (not to be confused with the Videomic) and with its new and improved suspension rig the Rode Videomic Pro is an innovative solution for both intermediate and advanced shooters who are looking to enhance audio control and sound clarity. Straight out the box the Rode Videomic Pro is easy to use, easy to mount and the best part is the quality of the audio itself is mindblowing.



The standard sized shoe mount on the Rode Videomic Pro fits almost any camera mount and also includes a 3/8" thread in the base for easy mounting on a wide variety of tripods and...

Wacom tablets are perfect tools when doing any type of photo editing or graphic design. Since they make use of stylus input, they provide an intuitive and comfortable means of editing digital visual content. Three basic models are available and the differences are explained by Gunther Swart in this video.

The Wacom Intuos Creative is available in the Pen as well as the Pen and Touch variation. The basic difference is in the "touch" feature, only available in the latter. This feature behaves like a trackpad on a laptop and allows the use of gestures like pinch-to-zoom and dragging an image around in the editing window using your...


The Comprehensive Wedding Photography Equipment List

Wedding photography is not only an art form, but it also makes for a viable career in photography. Wedding photographers are able to do what they love while their work is also greatly appreciated. A good wedding photo serves as a memento and a tangible representation of a very special day, for years to come. In order to best serve your client however, it is essential that you are equipped to meet their needs while giving them the impression that you are 100% confident in your skill set (despite how difficult the church may be to light). That’s exactly why we put together an...

Looking for a new hobby? Digital photography for beginners is easy and instantly rewarding. All you need is a camera and the entire world becomes your muse. Outdoorphoto has a wide range of cameras for sale. Here are 3 great tips to help create awesome photos from the get-go.


1. Go Back To The Simple Things

In digital photography for beginners, it’s important to keep things simple if you want instant results. The simpler the background is, the easier it is to create a focused shot that gives the main subject the most importance.

You don’t have to worry about colours, because the background is plain! You don’t have to...

A hands-on field review – Part 2


In part 1 of this review I dealt with the general specifications, a comparison table with a similar lens from a main competitor, and the performance of the lens in a birding and wildlife environment.

In this Part 2 I will discuss my findings when using this lens ina sports environment, and more specifically cricket and motorsport, as well as my final conclusions.  Reference to the results from the tests on birds and wildlife are made regularly in this review, please refer to Part 1 if required.

As a fully accredited media photographer with Cricket South Africa, I...

…in the Kruger National Park


In two of our previous posts we shared with you our top five roads to drive to see wild dogs and cheetah in the Kruger National Park. You can read them here: and here:


A leopard looks right at the camera from the safety of a marula tree on the S14 Fayi Loop.


But where should you drive if you’re looking for leopards?
Although leopards are shy, solitary creatures, they are actually much easier to find than wild dogs and cheetahs in the...

A hands-on field review – Part 1

The range of 150-500mm zoom lenses or its close derivatives have always been very popular amongst photographers and especially those who are on a tighter budget and cannot justify the expense for a 500mm or 600mm f4 prime lens. Offering slower maximum apertures typically at f6.3, these lenses gave the enthusiast the perfect alternative to expensive fast prime or super tele zoom lenses.  Now this range has been expanded with at least two manufacturers adding a 150-600, f5-6.3 lens in their line-up which adds an extra 100mm of reach and offering them at a very reasonable price too, around...


Not to be confused with bourgeois, the term boudoir refers to a woman’s bedroom. It is the personal space which one may only enter if, and only if, permission is granted. When it comes to things of a more private nature; such as the boudoir, discretion is a must. For this very reason we thought it best to guide you through the process of selecting the ideal boudoir photographer. Ahead of the month traditionally dedicated to the appreciation of those you hold most dear (Valentines Day), boudoir photographs find their place as a unique and deeply personal gift. 


If you imagine the ideal photographer to capture your...

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