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Hasselblad cameras & lenses

Hasselblad cameras and lenses are exceptional equipment made for some of the highest quality materials to ensure their clients only have the best.

A standard telephoto prime designed for close-up applications for the medium-format mirrorless X system.

R 90,895.00

A wide-angle, 24mm equivalent prime that covers the camera's large 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor area.

R 79,195.00

This 28-58mm-equivalent zoom for X-series mirrorless cameras covers a wide-angle to short-telephoto range.

R 104,695.00

A 36mm-equivalent focal wide-angle prime lens with a compact and lightweight design.

R 24,195.00

A 50mm-equivalent prime offering a natural field of view to suit working in a broad variety of shooting situations.

R 53,895.00

Combines a modernised CFV II 50C digital back with a brand new 907X camera body.

R 133,995.00

Equipped with a brilliant 50MP sensor, is the next instalment in the lightweight, portable X System.

R 121,995.00

The 2-bay battery charging hub will allow you to charge faster and shoot for longer.

R 4,195.00

High-capacity rechargeable battery for Hasselblad X System. Use as a replacement or spare battery.

R 3,085.00

An ultra-wide-angle prime lens for landscape, interior & architectural photography.

R 70,195.00
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