The Hähnel Modus 600RT Flash Wireless Kit Nikon consists of a Hähnel Modus flash, a Hähnel MD1 Extreme battery plus charger and a Viper TTL transmitter. This set is suitable for external flashes, like strobe photography. The flash from this kit has a built-in radiographic receiver. As a result, it can be controlled by using the TTL Viper transmitter. With this kit, you can control an unlimited number of flashes in three independent groups and you are also assured from sufficient flashlight in every situation. This is what the DCA had to say:

  • "More than just another flashgun"
  • "Serious stamina and fast recycle speeds"
  • "Packing some real punch"
Brand: Hahnel
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The Hahnel Modus 600RT Speedlight for Nikon is a TTL flash system that creates sufficient light in every situation. The flash has a guide number of 60 at 100 ISO ISO Exposure is controlled by three elements: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. The ISO speed determines how sensitive a camera's sensor is to incoming light. A higher ISO speed absorbs more light, resulting in a brighter exposure, however, a higher ISO also results in more digital noise in low-light conditions. Cameras with larger sensors (like full-frame cameras) typically have higher ISO speed capability and produce less digital noise at high ISO settings. Digital cameras include a control for adjusting ISO speed, some of which can be set to adjust automatically in combination with certain other exposure settings. ISO is indicated in numbers usually starting at 100 and going upward (200, 400, 800, 1600 etc.) doubling in sensitivity each time. Most cameras also indicate 3rd stop intervals (100, 125, 180, 200 etc.)and with its super fast charging time, the 600RT is always ready for use. Using the transmission mode and the radiographic reception mode lets you wirelessly control multiple RT600 flashes and Canon-compatible flashes.


  • Powered by an Extreme Li-Ion Battery
  • SPEED! Fast recycle time of 1.5 sec (4x faster than AA battery power)
  • Also compatible with some 3rd party Speedlight's
  • Firmware update via integrated USB
  • Up to 600 shots at full power
  • Up to 1000 shots at 1/2 power
  • Built-in 2.4GHz wireless receiver & transmitter
  • Unique wireless connectivity
  • Speedlight’s from most other brands will be enabled through Viper TTL
  • High-performance 60GN at ISO 100, 200mm
  • TTL, Manual & Multi Modes


  • Control up to three groups of flash guns, each group comprising of multiple
  • TTL (Pass-through), Manual and Multi (Stroboscopic) mode
  • Digital Channel Matching provides reliable
  • Easily adjust mode & values on a group by group
  • LCD Display indicates zones A, B & C on/off & flash power output
  • Compatible with original brand & some 3rd party
  • Full wireless connectivity with the MODUS 600RT Speedlight OR use with MODUS 600RT Speedlight for off-camera
  • Micro USB socket for software upgrade


  • Supports High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000th-second shutter speedSHUTTER SPEEDAperture, shutter speed and ISO form what is known as the exposure triangle in photography. Shutter speed is the length of time that a single frame is exposed for, more specifically how fast the shutter opens and closes to permit light entering the lens, to reach the sensor. A slow shutter speed means a longer exposure time useful for motion blur like the silky look of flowing water, whereas a fast shutter speed means a shorter exposure time useful for freezing the appearance of motion in images like a hummingbird in flight. It is measured in seconds starting at 1 second and halving our doubling in time. For example: 1/2s, 1/4s and 1/8s are all fractions of a second with 1/2s being the longest exposure time, 1/4s half of that and 1/8s another half etc.
  • Supports on camera and wireless second-curtain sync
  • Integrated USB allows new firmware updates
  • Set the flash coverage auto or manual from 20mm to 200mm
  • Offers TTL mode plus Manual mode
  • Use flash as Master or Slave
  • Guide no. 60 at ISO100, 200mm
  • Flash Coverage -Swinging/Tilting flash head (bounce flash)
  • 0-360 degree horizontally & -7 to 90 degrees vertically
  • Flash Duration- 1/300 -1/20,000 seconds
  • Diffuser panel & Catch Light panel
  • Wireless Flash- Range up to 100 metres (2.4 GHz)
  • Power Supply – 10.8v 2040 mah Li-ion battery with power saving function
  • Recycle time – <1.5 secs
  • Full Power flashes – approx. 550
  • Colour Temperature – 5600k


Guide Number
60 m at ISO 100 and 200mm zoom position
Distance Range
0.5-30 m at f/1.4
Exposure Modes
TTL, Manual & Multi Modes
Recycle Time
1.5 sec
Manual Power Range
1/1 - 1/128
Compensation Range
-3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/2 and 1/3 EV steps)
Modeling Light
Remote Trigger Options
Built-in 2.4GHz wireless receiver & transmitter
Not Specified
Head Movement
360º swivel & -7° to +90° tilt
Head Zoom Range
Power Source
Proprietary Li-Ion Battery
Not Specified

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What's in the box?

  • MODUS 600RT Speedlight
  • Viper TTL Transmitter
  • MD1 Charger
  • HLX-MD1 Extreme Battery

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