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Guest Author Ts&Cs


We pride ourself on publishing relevant, helpful and original content and so should you.

Learn more about being a guest author.


Article quality

Articles need to have substance, be coherent and to the point.
Only articles that we deem relevant to photography will be published. Articles may only be written in English and proper grammar and spelling rules apply.


Article length

Articles need to be at least 500 words long.
Articles with more than 1,000 words might be broken up into smaller sections as the editor deems necessary.


Article originality

Articles must be of original content and exclusively submitted to Outdoorphoto.
No article content, in full or in part, may be submitted or published by any other publisher or blog owner.


Article topics

Only articles related to photography will be accepted and considered for publishing.
All product reviews must relate to products that are stocked and sold by Outdoorphoto.


Images use


Image copyright

Any image submitted with an article must be the property of the writer of the article. If the image copyright does not belong to the writer, it may still be used provided that written permission was received from the copyright owner and the image has been properly credited. The Outdoorphoto Blog Editor has a means of digitally tracing image ownership and if an image is found not to belong to the writer of the article and the legal owner’s written consent cannot be provided, your author account will be suspended.


Image usage

The Outdoorphoto Blog is publicly visible to visitors of all ages and thus the images published will have to be selected with discretion. For this reason, please do not make use of images depicting or suggesting profanity, nudity, violence or gore or provoke strong political or racial views. If you feel an image contributes to the article and is not offensive you may submit it, however it will only be published if deemed appropriate by the editor.


Model and property release forms

Images depicting the likeness of a person or a famous building or structure must be accompanied by an appropriate release form. If not, the image will not be published with the article. Release forms must clearly indemnify all agents and publishers - this will allow us to legally publish the images.



Plagiarism will not be tolerated at any cost. Every article will be tested in our anti-plagiarism software and if found to contain plagiarism (content copied from another source), your author account will be suspended without further negotiation. Due to the fact that natural creation of similar content is possible, the editor will use discretion in making this decision, however the editor’s decision is final.


Inappropriate language use

Inappropriate language use will not be tolerated. This constitutes any vulgar language, profanity or any overly suggestive language. If the editor finds your language use inappropriate, you will be warned in writing and requested to correct it. After the third warning your author account may be suspended. The use of excessive slang should also be avoided.

How we decide what gets published

We are looking (among a few other aspects) for original, creative, insightful and entertaining articles. Articles must be photography related. The more substance the article has, the more we feel that our readers will benefit from it and the more striking the accompanying images are, the better chance the article has of getting published. The editor will attempt in publishing an interesting mix of content, thus if a large number of articles on the same topic has been submitted, the best and most appropriate will be published. However, the Outdoorphoto Blog editor will decide which articles are published and no negotiation will be entered into regarding articles not published. Outdoorphoto reserves the right to fairly reject any submitted article on any grounds without explanation.

Article submission

Outdoorphoto can not be held liable for articles that were not successfully submitted due to the fallibility of technology and the submission process. If you suspect your article has not submitted successfully or correctly, please notify us in writing and the editor will follow up. Emails can be sent to

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