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Outdoorphoto Blog Guest Author Campaign And How To Join

Send us your stories and earn spending credits


What this campaign is about

People love reading interesting content about the stuff they have a passion for. The Outdoorphoto community is totally infatuated with everything photography and it is for this reason that we would like to provide them - and you - with awesome articles and stories they would love to read and share. We thought that giving our community the opportunity to contribute would be a great way to reach out and, at the same time, keep our blog buzzing with interesting stories.

Yes, we are inviting you to send us your stories on photography. We’d love to publish them on our blog and in return we will reward you with a R500 Online spending voucher for each article we publish.  We also encourage you to share links to your articles and show off with your friends a little. Becoming a published writer has always been an honour, since only the best gets published, and we really want you to take some credit for your hard work and good writing.

Guest authors also earn points for articles published and very soon you may be announced as our best technical author or dubbed our most entertaining writer. Submit your articles and earn points to climb the ladder to the top!

We would love to have you on board the guest author team, so if you think you’re up for the challenge, continue reading...



I would love to write and earn. Now what?

Becoming an Outdoorphoto Blog Guest Author is not difficult and you could be writing and submitting your first article in a matter of minutes. Just follow these few easy steps below and you’ll be ready to go. If you’re struggling, you can watch our video on how to become a guest author and how to submit articles.




Adding and submitting an article

Follow the steps above to get to your shop account page. Then click on the link in the Author Section to take you to your Author Dashboard.

In your Author Dashboard click on “Add New Article” to start compiling a new article. You will be taken to an edit window where you will be able to visually compile your article, create headings, add images and more.

Write an interesting and concise title for your story. In the tags section, add a few words or key phrases that your article is about (separate them with commas). You will also need to select a category that best classifies your article. If the editor thinks the article better suits a different category, it might be re-classified.

If you are not done working on your article and would like to continue at a later stage, you can save the article as a draft. However, if your article is complete and you are happy about the way it looks, you can go ahead and submit it for review. Be aware that once an article has been submitted for review you will not be able to edit it anymore, so you need to be certain you are happy before you submit.

Read our article on some good writing tips.
This will help you create articles we'll want to publish. 




Editing draft articles

To see all your articles, you can click on “View My Articles” in your Author Dashboard control panel. This will show you a list of all your articles with their current statuses. You can see which ones are saved as drafts, which have been submitted for review and which have been published. 

To continue working on a draft article, you simply click on the “Edit Article” link next to the article you’d like to work on. You will now be taken back to the edit window where you can continue writing, editing or proofreading. You may now re-save your work or submit it for review.


How do I earn credits?

Earning spending credits with Outdoorphoto is easy and rewarding. An article will be published if we find it suitable for the blog (a number of factors play a role). Once your article has been published you will notice that the status will automatically change to “published”. 

R500 worth of online spending credits will be added to your account for each article published and you will notice this in your Author Dashboard control panel. Your credits will accumulate as your articles get published. These credits are automatically transferred to your shop account and are redeemable during checkout. You may redeem all available credit at once or choose how much of it you would like to make use of. The remaining credit will stay on your account and will continue to accumulate if more articles are published.


How credits can be spent

The R500 in Online spending credits awarded for each published article will accumulate on your author account and will automatically be transferred to your shop account.  This credit can then be redeemed when checking out on the online shop. You need to add the item you would like to buy, to your shopping cart as you normally would. Then, proceed to checkout. On the checkout page there will be an option for you to enter the amount of author credits you would like to make use of. Click the button to claim them. The amount that you have clalimed will be deducted from the order total and your author credit bank will be adjusted.


Terms and Conditions

There are a few rules, terms and conditions to this campaign. For more information on what you may and may not do, please take a look at the campaign terms and conditions page.


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