Cheers to the Weekend with Weekend Specials

Let the weekend begin with limited-time specials on camera bodies and lenses, backpacks, CF memory cards, professional studio lighting and support.

Keep hydrated while protecting your gear and personal items.

R 2,820.00

Superb control in various lighting conditions and a depth of field, perfect for portrait photography.

R 8,295.00

A super-performance ultra-wide-angle zoom lens that controls aberrations and enhances sharpness.

R 18,295.00

The Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 for Nikon is an ultra wide-angle zoom lens, providing excellent image quali..

R 18,295.00

The Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM zoom lens is the ideal, lightweight travel companion as this ..

R 6,995.00

A unique and indispensable addition to Canon’s series of EF lenses, the new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM offers..

R 2,435.00 R 3,595.00

Ideal for experimenting with creative light and shooting portraiture on-location.

R 15,495.00

To help improve stability on unstable surfaces, the joints and feet of the GorillaPod 3K are rubberised.

R 1,295.00

The 5K Gorillapod from Joby boasts remarkable versatility for supporting your gear.

R 2,595.00

The Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8E AF-S VR FL ED Nano Crystal Zoom Lens is available both online and in store ..

R 38,995.00

Take your photos to the next level with the D7500. Designed for the avid enthusiast, this camera promises powerful performance

R 22,995.00

The Peak Capture Camera Clip is the most secure, convenient, accessible way to carry your camera, period.

R 1,140.00

A great lens for close-up portrait photography with excellent image stabilisation and sharp imaging.

R 14,995.00

A great investment to any professional camera kitbag. Great image stabilisation and sharpness.

R 14,995.00

High image quality, enhanced bokeh throughout with XLD and LD optical design features to eliminate chromatic aberrations.

R 23,295.00

The Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Telephoto Zoom Lens offers exceptional image quality and s..

R 23,295.00

The EOS 6D Mark II gives you what you need if you want to turn professional or shoot more ambitious projects.

R 25,695.00

Feature-rich DSLR beyond the entry-level category, so you can do more for less. Ideal camera for photography students.

R 14,995.00 R 15,795.00

A stunning mirrorless camera with a light-weight design with absolutely no compromise in performance.

R 11,095.00

Lights, Camera, GorillaPod! Create pro-grade videos using your smartphone with this mobile rig!

R 1,295.00

This rig becomes a portable studio for DSLR & mirrorless cameras.

R 2,595.00

The Lexar Micro SD 64GB 1000x/150MBs & USB Reader is ideal for use with your smartphone, GoPro or an..

R 860.00

The Lexar 128GB 1066X Professional CF Memory Card is UDMA 7 enabled and features a minimum write spe..

R 3,170.00

The Lexar 32GB 1066X Professional CF Memory Card is UDMA 7 enabled and features a minimum write spee..

R 965.00

The Lexar 32GB Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 Memory Card features a read speed of up to 525MB/s, perf..

R 1,195.00
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