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GoPro Fusion Action Camera

Relive reality like never before. The compact GoPro Fusion 360 camera fits in your pocket, captures super-smooth spherical 5.2K videos and photographs. Record everything, preview and playback your footage, edit and share right from your phone using the GoPro QuikStories App. Simple voice commands direct the Fusion what to do and the Fusion grip ensures you get that epic shot.

GoPro Fusion: Relive Reality

The most versatile creative tool ever made.

Shoot. Then point: Fusion captures spherical video and photos, recording everything so you can find the best shots later.

OverCapture: Transform spherical footage into amazing traditional videos and photos you can share right on your phone.

Create + share anywhere: Preview and play back shots, edit videos and share them on the spot with the GoPro app.

Relive reality: Create immersive VR experiences in stunning 5.2K video.

Totally seamless: Immerse yourself in your VR content without stitch lines getting in the way.

Shockingly smooth video: We’re talking next-level stabilization without a gimbal.

Spherical surround sound: Capture amazing audio coming at you from every direction.

Take it anywhere: Fusion is battle tested and waterproof down to 16ft (5m).

"GoPro, start recording.” Take hands-free control of Fusion with simple voice commands.

Always up for it: The included Fusion Grip with a built-in extension pole and tripod and our ecosystem of accessories help you set up and nail the shot every time.

Wear it. Mount it. Love it: Tap into 30+ accessories to capture shots you can only get with a GoPro.

Note that OverCapture compatibility is available on iOS only. Android compatibility is coming soon.


With the GoPro Fusion, get the shot, then kick back as your footage moves to the GoPro app and transforms into an awesome video—automatically. Create beautiful videos with just a few taps. Editing has never been this fast — or this fun.

  • Analyses your photos and video clips to find great moments.
  • Adds transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music.
  • Customise your story with text, filters, music and more.
This product has been discontinued.
Please check our recommended product replacements for more information.
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GoPro Fusion