GoPro Mounts & Accessories

GoPro is the ultimate sidekick for all adventure enthusiasts out there. From excellent image and video quality action video cameras to a full range of cool authentic accessories like helmet mounts for the crazy cyclist or a floaty for the surfer dude. The accessories are all made from strong and durable materials designed to keep your beloved gear safe while you enjoy your hike up Table Mountain or your Ski trip in Lesotho. When it comes to adrenaline sports GoPro has your back.

This 3-in-1 mount can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod. Compatible with all HERO cameras.

R 1,299.00

Gear up with GoPro's The Handler, Head Strap, QuickClip and compact case.

R 899.00

The smallest, lightest way to mount your HERO5/6/7 or HERO 2018, enabling low-profile mounting.

R 495.00

These industrial-strength adhesive mounts come in flat and curved varieties so you can attach them to virtually any surface.

R 395.00

With integrated ball-and-socket design you can swivel your GoPro 360º without having to stop and dismount your camera.

R 895.00

Capture your dog's POV. With 2 mounting locations, you're sure to capture a variety of perspectives.

R 495.00

Mount to your bike handlebar, seatpost or pole mount ideal for achieving new perspectives.

R 565.00

Wear the Headstrap & Quick Clip over a helmet or on your cap to capture footage from a headlamp-like POV perspective.

R 455.00

Capture every second of the journey using the GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount that lets you easily..

R 495.00

Clamp your GoPro to objects ranging in size from 6mm to 5cm in diameter.

R 895.00

The GoPro Large Tube Mount works in conjunction with any one of the GoPro’s and will help you captur..

R 695.00

Attach your GoPro to the front or side of helmets.

R 420.00

Capture high-quality audio with this professional microphone adapter designed for your GoPro.

R 1,095.00

The GoPro Pro Seat Rail Mount compatible with most two-rail seat designs and all GoPro cameras and h..

R 545.00

This GoPro quick key is designed alongside other incredible accessories to make your adventure that much easier.

R 495.00

This GoPro backpack has built-in chest and shoulder mounts, and is hydration-compatible, ideal for active individuals!

R 2,695.00

Get a great deal on two of the most popular mounts for capturing the action.

R 1,150.00

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount with Quick Release is a GoPro accessory available both online and in sto..

R 855.00

The GoPro Super Suit will take your HERO5 Black to the next level allowing you to dive up to 60m wit..

R 965.00

Immerse yourself in POV footage with this versatile and extendable hand strap. Yes, go hands free and explore.

R 1,095.00

Sleeve and Lanyard for HERO7, 6, 5, 2018. For your trips, vacations and journeys.

R 995.00

The GoPro Tripod Mounts with Tripod is conveniently available both online and in store at Outdoorpho..

R 265.00

The padded, flexible Chesty lets you comfortably capture immersive footage from your chest.

R 750.00

Use this battery as a replacement or make sure you never miss a moment and stock up on a spare battery.

R 325.00

A wearable, mountable and waterproof long-range Wi-Fi Smart Remote for your GoPro.

R 1,499.00
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