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Godox Studio Monolight Kits & LED Constant Lights

Monolights are self-contained light sources and Godox offers exceptional kits perfect for studio use. These light sources are also ideal for outdoor shooting and the Light Kit Version 2.0 provides constant LED light which is ideal for video work.

Godox is a reliable brand of moonlights and heads and will bring out the best photographer inside of you. With LED lighting kits for both videography and photography, these Godox products will fit just about any creative mind.

The Godox LEDP120 Constant Light is ideal for macro shooting, wedding photography, news site, and ma..

R 1,715.00

The Godox LEDP260 has light guide plates that provide soft light, accurate colour temperature and ev..

R 2,995.00

Ideal for video but will also work perfectly for photography both in studio and on location.

R 10,495.00

A versatile flash head with a solid core and convenience features.

R 14,495.00
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