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GimPro Gimbal Heads

The GimPro Gimbal and Pano Heads are sidekicks and conventional Gimbal and Pano Heads all in one.

The GimPro Gimbal Heads consists of several individually hand manufactured parts, and each component is machined from the best machine grade Aluminium, to meet the highest standards and all the precision CNC machined components are assembled by hand. It is easier and safer to use than a ball head with improved performance, especially with long telephoto lenses.
The GimPro Pano Heads deliver stability and versatility in a low slung package and are designed to be used in conjunction with the GimPro Door Mount but is not limited to that function.

Gimpro Specialised Photography Equipment is perfect for Wildlife Photography.

R 7,250.00

This Gimpro Gimbal Head MK II is perfect for Wildlife Photography and birding when you go on a safari.

R 7,700.00

Gimpro’s Specialized Photography Equipment will give you comfortable safari adventures!

R 4,950.00
Only 1 available in Store

A double gimbal head that swivels separately, allowing two cameras to pan & tilt together.

R 16,950.00
Only 2 available in Store

GimPro Spacers are designed to make your wildlife photographic experience that much easier and enjoyable.

R 400.00
Only 1 available in Store
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