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The tip of the cleaner has a dust-sticking bar the rubber bar head has viscidity convenient for sticking dust, particle and oil pollution. It can effectively clean the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) optical sensor, optical lens and other optical devices and clean the dead angle.

  • dust-sticking bar and viscous cleaning paper
  • non-shedding colloid material
Brand: Eyelead
Product Code: E70000a
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Recommended Accessories

High Viscosity Rubber

The Sensor Cleaning Kit from Eyelead consists of a cleaning stick with a high viscosity rubber head that will effectively clean the dust from your camera sensor without leaving any traces or marks.

No Sticky Residue

This kit consisting of a Gel Stick, 10 adhesive cleaning papers and hard case, is a safe method of cleaning your sensor that won’t scratch or leave a sticky residue.

Sticks Up To 100 Times

The adhesive cleaning papers included in the kit allow you to re-use the gel stick up to 100 times before losing its effectiveness.T o clean the gel stick, simply dab the head of the gel stick on the sticky cleaning paper, they will remove all the dust particles from the rubber head.

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What's in the box?

  • Eyelead Sensor Cleaning Kit Stick x1 (blue)

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